Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dressed in Denim

Thank you Uncle Bobby and Bailey Rose for my denim outfit. I know that I am hot stuff in this!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sticking out her Tongue

Her latest thing is to stick out her tongue. She does it almost constantly now! Even though it is really cute, I hope it is not a habit that sticks around.

Cowgirl Boots

Reagan looked like a cute little country bumpkin in her boots. She sure knows how to pose for the camera!


Reagan had grits for the first time, and she liked them! She is a southern girl after all!

G.R.I.T.S. = Girls Raised In The South!

Crawling Around with Pops

Who is chasing who in this picture? Reagan loves to play with her Pops! And guess what, Pops? Reagan has more hair than you!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

I Love the Bath

Can I please get in the tub now, Mommy? I love my bath!

Go Cocks Go

Reagan was cheering with Mommy for the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Liberty Bowl. They must have heard us, because it was a big VICTORY! Go Cocks Go! WE LOVE FOOTBALL! We're trying to convert Daddy from being a hockey fan... we've watched almost every bowl game on TV and it still hasn't worked! He is at least learning all about the game now.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mommy's Rocking Horse

Pops was in the attic putting away all of the Christmas decorations and he found Mommy's old rocking horse. We cleaned it up, and Reagan absolutely loves it! She will rock and bounce and laugh and play!


Welcome to Reagan's Playland!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MORE Presents

Just when we thought it was over... MORE presents for Reagan! Thank you Aunt Chippy and Kim for my doll. And thank you Andy for the little baby... I love carrying her around!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Auntie Anna tries Arbonne

Auntie Anna used the Arbonne Thermal Fusion Mask.
What's the matter, Anna? Can't take the heat?

The Green Cup

Even Reagan enjoyed having a green cup! Don't worry... hers is empty!
Auntie Marla, we all had one just for you!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Don't Touch the Lights

Reagan must have heard the word NO 1000 times at Christmas. She loved playing with the tree. I snapped this picture at the perfect time... You can tell that she is sulking since she is getting fussed at for pulling on the lights!

All Dressed Up For Christmas

What a good looking bunch!

My First Stocking

We saved the stockings for last... it's a tradition!

Snuggling with Pops

Reagan took a short break from opening presents to snuggle with her Pops!


Opening presents was a tough job for such a little girl. We had to take a break mid-way through so that Reagan could have a nap!


Mommy's favorite present was a "re-gift". It was the pillow that I never slept without when I was a little girl. I had asked for it several times recently to have as a keepsake, but Momsey thought that they had gotten rid of it. What a nice surprise to have it wrapped up under the tree for me Christmas morning!


Daddy had been wanting to see the movie Cars for a long long time, so he was really happy to get it for Christmas! As a matter of fact, he was "happier than a tornado in a trailer park!"


Even Dixie had presents to open on Christmas morning!

Auntie Anna

Auntie Anna was very happy to get a new white coat for Christmas!


Momsey always gets spoiled by Pops for Christmas!


Pops was showing off his new shirt!

My Chair

Auntie Anna got Reagan a cool South Carolina lounge chair that is just her size!

Reading her Books

Reagan was excited to get lots of new books for Christmas.

Pooh Bear

Reagan loves her new Rattle 'n Ride Pooh.
"Baby Pooh Bear is riding. My friend Turtle is driving."

More Fun to Eat

Sometimes the presents are just more fun to eat!

Tickle Me Elmo

Reagan's favorite present was her Tickle Me Elmo. We all laughed so hard at both Elmo and Reagan that our sides were aching!