Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Riding the Bike

Reagan absolutely loves going for bike rides. She'll go to where we keep her helmet and start chanting "bike bike bike" until we can get her all strapped up and ready to go. And then she just smiles away and honks her little red horn while we ride around. She has the easy ride while I get an extreme work-out towing her around. Thank you again Pops and Momsey for helping us remember how much fun riding a bike can be!

The Hairbow Queen

Momsey and I went a little overboard, but it was fun putting ALL of Reagan's bows in her hair. She thought we were crazy, but she was a good sport about it!

My Little Gyymnast

She's already following in her mommy's footsteps... she's my little gymnast. And she is a natural. She loves it! She does forward rolls with barely any help at all, and she can walk across the balance beam just holding onto my finger. She hangs and swings from the bars, and she LOVES to jump on the trampoline. She is the star of her class, and I'm not just saying that because I am such a super-proud mom. It is the truth!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tired Girl

Reagan was so tired from all of the adventures that she just passed right out and went to sleep on the edge of the couch in the motor home when we got back to the campgrounds that night!

Hell's Gate

We visited Hell's Gate with Pops and Momsey, and it was interesting watching Pops on the gondola ride down to the bottom since he is a little bit afraid of heights. (We don't really believe that he is... he just likes to play!) Nonetheless, the views were breath-taking! The wind was really whipping that day, as you can tell by Reagan's long hair flying around. And we couldn't resist putting her in the gigantic chair to pose for a picture! She is always the camera-ham.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Reagan was impressed by the shopping cart that was just her size when we went grocery shopping while camping!

Crazy Daddy

One day Reagan is going to grow up and realize that her daddy is crazy!
"Silly Daddy, shoes go on your feet, not your ears!"

Camping with Pops and Momsey

Pops and Momsey took us all camping for a few days in the motor home to Hope, BC. Even though we didn't really go very far from home, we did lots of sight-seeing. The Othello Tunnels were pretty impressive!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brady Turns One

We went to Brady's 1st Birthday party at Aldergrove Lake, and Reagan was excited to take Pops and Momsey as her guests. They made their summer motor home trip, and somehow ended up here with us! It was a nice surprise when we found out that they were coming.
Brady is going to have all the little girls chasing him around very soon. He is such a cutie-pie! Happy Birthday Handsome!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Reagan's Chair

We ordered new chairs for Reagan's birthday, and they finally arrived three months later! She is very proud of them, and cute as can be testing them out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Camping Fun

I was the official "fire master" for our camping adventures. I love creating a big campfire, so I was happy to do the work. Chopping wood was actually fun. It was tough since everything was so wet, but I was successful each night! Here's a cute shot a Michelle and Mackenna cuddled up by the fire, and another of Reagan and I right after we woke up the last morning. Reagan thought it was fun to sleep "up top" in the camper!

Camping with Mackenna

Reagan and I went camping with Mackenna, Michelle and Denni for a couple of days, and we had a blast! It was tough on the girls because it rained almost the entire time, but we made the best of it. It made for lots of time for coloring and watching The Backyardigans and Elmo's World on the portable DVD player. Thank heavens for that thing! It was interesting trying to keep Reagan's bandaged feet clean and dry, but we made do with a pair of Michelle's socks. With all the bandages, the adult socks actually fit Reagan perfectly! She looked pretty cute.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh My Goodness... Her Feet

This blog has become not only a place for me to keep everyone up to date on everything Reagan, it has also become my "memory" book for her. That means that I must post both the good and the bad, and this particular post is pretty bad. This past Wednesday was the hottest day in history ever for this area. It was between 39 and 41C degrees throughout the lower mainland, which equals 102-105F. So it was hot... South Carolina hot! Reagan and I went to a friend's house for a play date, and naturally the girls wanted to play outside. Reagan was barefooted, but I didn't think anything about it. She plays outside barefooted all the time. She was standing on a sun deck that is made of wood with a vinyl painted coating. Very very very common here. I was about 15 feet away from her when I heard her start screaming. I could tell by the way she was standing that her feet hurt, so I ran to pick her up. I knew that her feet must be hot, but I had no idea what I was getting ready to see. In the possible 15-20 seconds that passed before I picked her up, Reagan suffered severe second degree burns on the bottom of both of her feet and all of her toes. The skin had instantly blistered and started to peel away. She was in horrible pain, and actually went in and out of shock on the way to the hospital. The ER in Langley was fantastic in that we were in the back and with a doctor in less than a minute. The nurses gave Reagan a shot of morphine, and once it had kicked in they bandaged up her feet. We were back at the hospital this afternoon to have the bandages removed, the burns checked and cleaned, and then new bandages were put in place. This will happen every three days for the next little while (we think for the next 9-10 days). The hardest part now is trying to keep her off her feet because she is so active. It's funny watching her crawl around like a little baby again after we had become so accustomed to her running around like a toddler lately. She is such a tough little girl... she is really handling it all very well.
The picture of her feet that I have attached to this post is pretty gross. But I wanted you to see just how much damage could be done is such a very short period of time. I had never heard of this happening to a child before, but I have since found out that it is a common accident. And from all that I have heard, it doesn't have to be anywhere near as hot outside as it was the other day for this to happen. So be careful with your kids at the park, playgrounds, or even at home when they are barefooted! Check surfaces to make sure that they are safe. I certainly will be doing so from now on!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Swimming with Kaleigh

Reagan always has a blast when her cousin Kaleigh comes over to play. These two girls are going to be future heartbreakers and trouble makers guaranteed!

Friday, July 6, 2007


Reagan got new shoes... stylish crocs! She loves them, but we have a problem choosing which color to wear each day. Her theory is to wear them all at once!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day Fireworks

Just like last year, Reagan loved the fireworks for Canada Day!

The Carousel

Reagan's favorite thing at the Canada Day Festival was the children's carousel. We couldn't get her off of it. She rode it over and over and over and over and over again. Each time that it would stop, she would say and make the sign for "more" and then she would clap her hands and squeal when we would put her on a new animal.

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Happy Canada Day!

We took Reagan to the Canada Day Festival in Langley, and she had so much fun playing! She really enjoyed the display that "The Little Gym" Company had set up, and she was a natural at playing with the ball. She instinctively knew to put the balls in the hole on the board! Even though she wasn't able to do it herself, she thought the hool-a-hoop was hilarious fun! And she got her very first tattoo... a red maple leaf!