Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Play

Reagan came home from preschool a few weeks ago, even more excited than normal to tell me about her day.  She was over the moon excited to let me know that she had been chosen to be Mary in the Christmas play!

Her teachers told me that it was an easy decision to make since all Reagan can talk about anymore is her baby brother and how she helps to take care of him.  It was only natural that she use those maternal instincts to play the mother of Jesus.

The day of the play, she could hardly contain herself.  She, and all of the other kids as well, were so proud to show us what they had been working on for the past few weeks.  Speaking of the other kids, Reagan also informed us that the young boy who would be playing the role of Joseph is named Matthew and that while he was her husband in the play, her was also her boyfriend in real life!

Her teachers were correct... Reagan has a natural maternal instinct!  In the video below, you will see that when the other kids began the loud celebrations of the birth of Jesus, Reagan/Mary places her hands over the baby's ears to protect him.  And once she and Matthew/Joseph place the baby in the cradle, Reagan keeps scooting closer and closer to the cradle so that she can keep touching her baby!  I apologize for the quality of the video... it was shot from my husband's phone and then we had to transfer it through 2 different editing programs before it actually made it to the blog!

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We were very impressed with how hard the kids had been working to learn all of their roles in the play.  We were even more impressed with the program itself and the Christmas story of the birth of Christ that our children very passionately reenacted.

I'm also including a couple of videos of the kids performing a few of the songs.  As you can see, they really had a lot of fun!

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After the play was over and the kids had all changed out of their costumes, Matthew held Reagan's hand and walked her over to the snack table for the Christmas party.  They sat side by side the rest of the afternoon!  Ryan and I laughed with Matthew's mom about how cute they looked and about how we were going to have our hands full in the future, but I didn't realize just how much trouble we may have on our hands until it was time to leave at the very end of class.  Reagan gave her teachers a hug goodbye, and then she turned to Matthew and gave him a hug.  And then... she cried her little eyes out saying that she was going to miss him so much over the Christmas break and that she couldn't wait to go back to school in January.  Good grief!  We are DEFINITELY in trouble!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

I am currently fighting a horrible case of mastitis, an infection that develops from plugged milk ducts when breastfeeding.  My fever has finally gone down, but it had gotten up to 102.7 at one point.  It hurts like the devil to nurse Myers on my right side, but nursing him combined with taking oral antibiotics is about the only thing that is going to make it go away.  I had mastitis twice while nursing Reagan, and the second time that I had it with her I ended up having to go to the hospital daily as an outpatient to receive IV antibiotics.  So far, this time around, I have been able to avoid that hassle.  Ironically enough, the first time that I had it with Reagan started one day after her one month birthday... the EXACT same day that it started with Myers.  Too bad that if I was going to get it I couldn't have gotten it about a week and a half sooner... then my parents would have still been here to pamper me back to good health!

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know by now that saying goodbye to my parents after our visits is NEVER an easy thing for me to do.  Over time, the goodbyes had gotten a little less painful, but I honestly think that this last one was just as hard as the very first one when I originally moved to Canada over eight years ago.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with my parents.  My mom is my best friend in the world, and there is rarely a day that we don't talk numerous times on the phone.  My dad has always been my hero, the man that I turn to for fixing things or solving problems.  As I said, I am lucky.  But I feel even luckier to know that my husband feels the same way about my parents.  The goodbyes are often just as emotional for him as they are for my parents and me!   I know that is not often the case between a spouse and their in-laws, and I will never take that fact for granted!

My parents flew up to be with us to help during the transition phase from one child to two, and I don't know how we would have done it without them.  They were with us for almost 6 weeks, and we could have had them here for 6 more weeks if we could have convinced them to stay.  Most people would think that is way too long of a visit... not us.  We never felt like they were in our way or that we had to entertain them as guests.  Maybe it's because other than the small act of giving birth and then breastfeeding a newborn, I didn't have to lift a finger from November 4th through December 13th!  They took care of Reagan, shuttling her from home to gymnastics and to school and back.   And when they weren't going from activity to activity, they were playing at home literally from the moment that Reagan woke up until her head hit the pillow again at night.  She has become so accustomed to having a constant playmate, usually Momsey, that she thinks that anyone who comes to our house now is supposed to get down in the floor and play with her non-stop...  I think that she would now invite the mailman inside to play with her if I would let her!  I made the comment to my mom one afternon that I knew she must be exhausted from playing... she said it didn't matter because she loved playing with Reagan.  I then told her that I was sorry that she wasn't getting to have tons of snuggle time with baby Myers since she was spending so much time playing, and she responded by telling me that Myers wouldn't have a clue if she was holding him or not, but that Reagan would know and remember that Momsey played with her endlessly.  What can I say... my mom is wise beyond her years!

What else did my parents do for 6 weeks?

They cooked all our meals; they spotlessly cleaned my house every day; while Momsey played, Pops would fix things in our house; while Pops played, Momsey would do the endless loads of laundry; they decorated inside and out for Christmas; Pops even installed new lighting and electrical outlets in Ryan's shed; they did all of our grocery shopping... heck, they even footed the bill for all of our groceries!   But most importantly... they gave us all their LOVE!

They snuggled with their new grandson...

They spoiled our dog Dixie...

Pops shoveled snow...

They all played in the snow, pulling Reagan on the sled and helping to build a monster sized snowman...

Pops lost his computer to Reagan and Momsey during this visit...

And he became a jungle gym apparatus for Reagan to climb on...

They even cooked a full sized Thanksgiving dinner for us to enjoy at home with Ryan's boss and his family as well!  This picture is of Reagan helping to get the turkey ready for the deep fryer!

So as you can tell, the past week without them here has been quite the adjustment for us all.  We ALL miss them like crazy, and can't wait for April to hurry up and get here.  The next four months are going to seem like an eternity until we can finally see each other again!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Month Old

It's hard to believe that a month has already passed since the birth of sweet baby Myers.  It's been a busy month for him!

He spends a lot of time sleeping... even giving me 3 hour stretches of sleep during the night!

And he spends a LOT of time eating... he's working on perfecting his large belly!

He has played in the snow with his sister...          

He posed for our Christmas card... 

He spends time just hanging out with his big sister Reagan...

And on today, his one month birthday, he got all dressed up in big boy clothes for a few pics...  he's normally dressed in a sleeper! 

Just to document the growth of that belly, I took a few shots of it today too!

He is certainly growing... he already weighs over 10 pounds (he was 8.5 when he was born) and he has grown over an inch.  He is just like his sister in that he is a very good baby... he rarely fusses and sleeps very well considering that he is only a month old.  Our only problem has been a battle with a severe diaper rash... and that battle continues!  He has started to become more alert during the day, and he's even watched a couple of episodes of Baby Einstein already.  I love all of the new little cooing noises that he has started to make this past week, and I can't wait to hear even more.  Actually, yes I can wait... he's growing up too fast already!