Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of PreSchool

Isn't it funny how when I plan to NOT be able to make a post, it DOES happen... yet when I try to set aside time to get a post done, it takes WEEKS for me to get around to doing it!

The pictures and stories from Reagan's first day of preschool today were just too precious to not post immediately for all the world to see. She woke up this morning, and she was NOT her normal happy self. She was crying, whining, and really acting out. It took me a few minutes to figure it all out, but I finally clued in that maybe she was nervous. I gently asked her if she was excited about her first day of preschool, and she sat down beside me in tears and admitted that she was scared. Auntie Anna and I both sat with her and talked it out for a few minutes. We reminded her that school was fun and that she had already met and liked her teachers. We told her of all the new friends that she was going to make, and even reminded her that both her Momsey and her Pops were also once school teachers. I think it was once we started talking about all the times that she had gone to visit Momsey at her school when we would visit in SC that she started to relax. She got really excited once we began reminding her of the times that she would go play in Mrs. Mary Jane's kindergarten class! So, once she was settled and ready, we got dressed in the special dress that she had chosen WEEKS ago to wear for her first day of school. Of course, a photoshoot by paparazzi Mommy & Auntie Anna immediately followed!Reagan and Mommy decided to give her two teachers a little gift as a "back to school" surprise. Thanks to the Semi-Slacker Mom's idea, I had the perfect gift for a pre-school teacher... EXTRA LARGE PERSONALIZED HAND SANITIZERS!You can go to The Preppy Polka-Dot to get your own!

We made it out the door with just enough time for one more picture before we drove the four blocks down the street to Church that houses Reagan's preschool.
We chose this particular preschool because of their solid reputation in our community for being not only a place for children to grow socially, but also to learn more than just the basic fundamentals that are normally taught in preschool. They have an extremely heavy educational curriculum for the three year olds, and they also incorporate Christian values and attitudes. The fact that it is located only a few blocks from our home was just the icing on the cake! On the drive there, Reagan said in a very quiet and shy voice, "Wow, I'm still a little nervous, Mom." So much for Mommy not crying or getting emotional! I gave her a big smile and told her that Auntie Anna and I would be right there with her each step of the way, and that I knew she was going to have so much fun. By the time we got out of the car, her nerves must have settled. You probably can't tell it in this picture, but she is actually RUNNING down the hallway to get to her classroom!
After only just a few minutes, she told me that it was OK for Auntie Anna and I to leave, and she joined the group for circle time.
Auntie Anna and I both had tears in our eyes as we walked back down the hallway to the car! We went to Starbucks to pass the time away before it was time to go back to pick Reagan up. I'm not even sure if Reagan even realized that we had left! Class was only an hour long today, and will be an hour long next week as well. After that, Reagan will go to the normal schedule of 2.5 hours for 2 days each week. And if every day goes as great as today did, then I can guarantee that we are going to have a FANTASTIC school year this year!

To Reagan:
I am so proud of you sweetheart! You were such a big and brave girl today, and my heart was swelling with both love and pride as I watched you enter into this next chapter of your life. You are growing up way too quickly, and I am already so impressed with the beautiful young lady that I know you are going to be. I love you, my little preschooler!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


*** Update from my previous post... the only thing stressing me out right now is the fact that I am still WAY behind on catching up with all of your blog postings... but it will eventually happen!***

My sister left South Carolina on Saturday morning, September 5th. She was scheduled to drive across the United States for five days, but she decided that she just couldn't wait that long to see her precious niece. So, she drove for over 14 hours each day, and arrived here a full day sooner than planned. That's right... as of yesterday evening at about 6:00, Auntie Anna now lives in beautiful British Columbia!!!

Reagan had been standing by our front window for most of the afternoon waiting for Auntie Anna to get here. I think that she was running out of the front door before Anna even had her car in park! Of course, Anna was already out of the car and running to hug Reagan as well...Ryan and I both got some Auntie Anna love as well, although I only have pictures of Ryan!I can honestly say that I have never seen Reagan ignore a dog before, but she wasn't even interested in Auntie Anna's black lab puppy named Theo... all she wanted to do was hug Anna! She eventually turned her attention to the dog, but it took a while for that to happen!And yes, we did find the perfect home for Anna's puppy! Our neighbors across the street (different neighbor than from previous post) were more than happy to take Theo into their home. Theo is fitting in well with the family, especially with their 10-year old black lab named Sadie. Sadie has become Theo's role model, and she is the perfect role model for him! The two teenage boys who live in the house have already fallen in love with Theo, and I think that the Mom & Dad in the house have as well. It's perfect in that Anna can just simply walk across the street to visit whenever she wants to see her boy.

When it was time for bed last night, Reagan would only let Auntie Anna tuck her in... Mommy & Daddy have become chopped liver. At three in the morning, Reagan crept into our room and asked if she could please go get in bed with Auntie Anna. Of course, I told her to go ahead! And today has been much of the same. Trust me when I tell you that Reagan is extremely excited to have Auntie Anna here living with us. And I am too! It was so nice waking up this morning and enjoying a cup of coffee with my sister. I'm looking forward to MANY more mornings like this one!

As of today, I am 99% sure that I am the new "Night Services Manager" for the Hampton Inn in Langley. I have unofficially been told that I have the job... we are now just working out the logistics of my schedule. I should have official documentation by Monday next week, and I am holding off on my celebrations until that takes place. I am even hesitant to blog about it in fear that I may jinx it all, but I'm taking the chance!

I'll be missing in action (once again!) for the next few days. We're leaving on Friday morning to go camping for the weekend! But rest assured that sometime next week, I'll be back with countless pictures from our adventures. And hopefully I'll have "official" job news to report. And seeing as how tomorrow is the VERY FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL for Reagan, I'm sure that I will have a few hundred pictures or so of that event as well! Hopefully I won't cry so hard that I make a fool of myself. Thank goodness I will have my sister here to keep me in control!

Did I mention that I am so excited and relieved that AUNTIE ANNA IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!