Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bike Ride

We went for our first bike ride of this year (due to Ryan's bad back) and Reagan had a ball! She started to get impatient while Ryan was filling the tires with air (note to self... do that before you put her in next time!) But once we got going, she was honking her horn and yelling and waving at everybody she saw.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grandma's Hat

Wilf & Edie were in town again the weekend after Pops & Momsey left. Reagan wanted to play dress-up that day, much like everyday, and Grandma's hat was the perfect compliment to Reagan's Minnie Mouse dress!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pops & Momsey

We were so happy to have Pops & Momsey come stay with us this summer. It makes us very proud to know that we have been their longest stop this far in their retired motor home life. (Be sure to follow along on their travels at We were all sad to see them go, especially Reagan, but we are happy for them to be "chasing the dream".

Work Work Work

I don't think that Pops would consider his 3 week stay with us this summer much of a vacation. We worked him constantly this trip! It was great to have an extra handyman around the house to get all of my lists completed. A SMALL sampling of the jobs that Pops did: put a new roof on the shed, filled Reagan's play area with 4 truck-fulls of pea gravel, installed a new microwave above the stove, fixed a shower-head, put up towel and toilet paper racks, put together a large wooden file cabinet, fixed the shelf in Reagan's room, installed new lights in the bathroom and den, cleaned and rewired our whole-home humidifier system, fixed the broken drawer on the desk, installed a fan in the bathroom, washed & waxed my Denali, and put a slam-stop on Reagan's toy box. He barely had time to do his own "to do" list from trying to keep up with mine! He was exhausted to say the least. While he was working to death, Momsey kept Reagan entertained all day each day, and I would either clean the house, work on my bridal business, or just be lazy! There was many a day that I took advantage of having them here and I would just sit outside working on my tan, reading a few good books and cooling off with a cold one! YES I AM SPOILED!

At the Zoo

For Pops and Momsey's last day here, we decided to take them to the zoo. Reagan was so excited to take them for a train ride, and to show them all the animals that she loves to pet. The Vancouver Zoo is great for kids in that they can go right up to most of the animals without fear. Reagan liked to tickle their ears!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

If the sun is shining, Reagan has to be outside. She has developed quite the tan this summer as we sometimes play in the backyard all day long. She loves to help out in the yard... watering the plants, sweeping the patio, pulling clover out of the grass... you name it and she has done it. She even helps Ryan cut the grass! But her main job is to be responsible for the bird feeder. As you can tell in this picture, she keeps it well stocked so that all the birds in the neighborhood come to our house for dinner!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Little Gymnast

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Reagan is a natural at gymnastics. I like to think that it is something that she gets from my genes. But unlike me when I was a gymnast, Reagan has no fear! She will do anything that the coaches as her to do, and she sometimes goes WAY beyond what we think she should be doing. She scares me sometimes! We couldn't resist taking a pictures of her posing before going to class, and then I was lucky enough to get her to perform for a quick video as well!