Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Reagan LOVES the snow. She can only tolerate it for short periods of time because she can't stand to get cold... but she loved seeing everything covered in white. And she was mesmorized watching it fall from the sky.

We were literally snowed in for a few days since Mommy does NOT drive in the snow. Escpecially over two feet of it! It was pretty to see for the first little while, but then it became a disgusting nuisance that we were ready to see go away. I never thought I would welcome the rain, but I was glad when it started so that the snow would melt faster. We still have over a foot covering the yard, but thankfully all of the roads are clear now so we can get our errands done! Ryan worked almost around the clock for a week trying to keep his job sites clean and clear of snow, so he was pretty excited to see the rain in the forcast as well.

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