Saturday, January 6, 2007

Where is Reagan?

Auntie Anna thought that it was a fun game to hide Reagan from her Mommy. She was trying to hide her so that we wouldn't take her back home with us to Canada. Fat chance of that happening Auntie Anna! She started off the game by hiding Reagan in the suitcase. Not the smartest idea since we would obviously be taking the suitcases with us! The object of her game was to keep Reagan in SC!! She tried hiding Reagan in Momsey's laundry basket, but Reagan didn't like it too much. However, Reagan thought it was the coolest thing in the world when Auntie Anna tried to hide her in the washing machine! Sorry Anna, there is no where that you could put her that would prevent her Mommy from keeping her close ALL THE TIME!

And yes, Reagan does have clothes. But it was so hot the entire time that we were in SC that it was pointless to wear them. I think the temperature was below 60 only one day the entire time that we were there. Unfortunately, Mommy didn't pack for summer-type temperatures. So, Reagan enjoyed the weather by staying as naked as possible!

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