Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Bruiser

"If you think Reagan looks bad, you should see the little girl who tried to take her doll away from her." That was the line that Ryan told the nurse when we went to the emergency room to get Reagan's head stitched up. I've posted on this blog numerous times that Reagan is a monkey and that she loves to climb. Well, this time she was climbing in the wrong spot. It was first thing in the morning... we had just started to get moving around upstairs. I was in the bathroom when I heard the crash and then the screaming. I knew instantly what she had done, and when I came around the corner, my fears were confirmed. Reagan had tried to climb up my jewelry armoire to get a small jewelry box off the top of it. The piece of furniture itself weighs over 50 pounds, but when she started climbing it became too top heavy. She brought the entire thing down on top of herself. The cut that it created was just above her left eye, and it was deep enough that you could see the eye socket bone. I bundled her up and took off to the ER. Ryan met us there (he was at work) and we watched as the doctor put five stitches into her forehead. She was awake (but seriously drugged up) for the entire process, and she handled it better than Ryan or I would have. The stitches came out a week later, and it looks like it is going to heal nicely. She will probably have a scar, but it is right in line with her eyebrow so it will hopefully be concealed. If not, I figure we have two options... 1: she learns to use an eyebrow pencil at a very early age or 2: we grow out her bangs so that it keeps it covered! All joking aside, I am just so thankful that she wasn't hurt any worse than she was. We are working on trying to "tame" our wild monkey from climbing so much, and we are in the process of bolting everything in the house to either the floor or the wall to prevent any future accidents like this one!

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