Sunday, August 3, 2008

Work Work Work

I don't think that Pops would consider his 3 week stay with us this summer much of a vacation. We worked him constantly this trip! It was great to have an extra handyman around the house to get all of my lists completed. A SMALL sampling of the jobs that Pops did: put a new roof on the shed, filled Reagan's play area with 4 truck-fulls of pea gravel, installed a new microwave above the stove, fixed a shower-head, put up towel and toilet paper racks, put together a large wooden file cabinet, fixed the shelf in Reagan's room, installed new lights in the bathroom and den, cleaned and rewired our whole-home humidifier system, fixed the broken drawer on the desk, installed a fan in the bathroom, washed & waxed my Denali, and put a slam-stop on Reagan's toy box. He barely had time to do his own "to do" list from trying to keep up with mine! He was exhausted to say the least. While he was working to death, Momsey kept Reagan entertained all day each day, and I would either clean the house, work on my bridal business, or just be lazy! There was many a day that I took advantage of having them here and I would just sit outside working on my tan, reading a few good books and cooling off with a cold one! YES I AM SPOILED!

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