Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PreSchool Party Day

***I'm still trying to get you all caught up... so I'm back tracking with this post, as well as a few more that will be coming soon! I hope to be back to blogging in real time by the weekend!***

Reagan is really enjoying her preschool, and she complains on the mornings that she doesn't go. She loves her teachers, and comes home every day pretending that she is either Teacher Bev or Teacher Anne. Ryan, Anna & I have become the "boys and girls" of her classroom, along with every stuffed animal in our house!

I am amazed at the things that she has learned already. This month, the science focus is all about photosynthesis. Seriously... she's three years old and she's learning about photosynthesis! The math focus for this month is sorting, and she has proven that she has a bit of my OCD tendencies with how she now sorts and organizes everything she puts her hands on!

The last class of every month is called "Party Day" and the children celebrate whomever has a birthday during that month. The parents are invited to stay for the first 30 minutes of class on Party Day, and the kids have the chance to show off all the things that they have learned from the previous month. Ryan, Anna & I were all three in attendance for Reagan's first Party Day, September 29, and of course I have a video of one of her performances...

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

All of the kids were asked to bring in a photo page (front & back) that describes their life. I was so excited to help Reagan with this project... I mean photo collages are a passion of mine, right?! We titled her page "REAGAN IS..." and each photo collage depicted a different aspect of Reagan's life.

Reagan is... A BEACH BUM.
Reagan is... AN ANIMAL LOVER.
Reagan is... A GYMNAST.
Reagan is... A VERY HAPPY GIRL!
Me? I am just so very happy and thrilled that Reagan loves her school as much as she does!


Tiffany said...

Awe! I think its so great to start the love of learning early! My 3 yr old ds loves pre-school too...lets hope it's the same tune in 10 years :)

Carrie said...

She is so, so cute! Love all the collages, those are great! So glad you are catching us up on all that's been going on :) It sure goes fast, that's for sure! Preschool years are the best...I miss them already...Emily is in kindergarten and Alex 1st grade!

Miller Racing Family said...

The preschool sounds wonderful. The photo pages are just priceless. You can see you have one very happy girl who is part of a very blessed family!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Those collages are absolutely adorable!!!! As is she! :)

Mighty M said...

Glad she is loving school so much! How did you do those collages? I love them!! ;-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Seriously awesome! Elijah threw a fit nearly every day for 2 years, so be super thankful she loves it! She is a doll too! Great collages!