Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Princess Party

Not long after Halloween, the girls in our house had a princess party. Ryan had gone downtown to watch the Canuck game with some of the guys from his work, so Reagan, Auntie Anna and I had a girls night "in" to play dress up. We started the evening with Reagan curling my hair with her princess curling iron. I had recently decided to do make some changes to my hair (bye bye platinum blonde!) and had cut it even shorter than before, so this was no easy task for Reagan to accomplish.
Next, we let Reagan wear some of Mommy's make up after she had dressed up in her purple princess ballgown.
Reagan was determined that we ALL be dressed in fancy dresses to go to the royal ball, and that we all had to have our hair and make up done. That meant that it was Auntie Anna's turn. Reagan managed the makeup while I curled Anna's hair into what seemed like 2 million ringlets.
There is a short supply of ballgowns in our house that would fit either Anna or myself, so we had to do a little improvising. Since I am the proud owner of this blog, I have the power to NOT embarrass myself with the horrible picture that was taken of me wearing the EXACT same outfit that I wore for my high school Homecoming Court in 1992. I can however embarrass my sister by posting a picture of her in what Reagan called "the Cinderella dress" that evening. Truth be told... this is the nightgown that I wore on my wedding night!
We were having so much fun dancing around the house, having a tea party, and just enjoying being girls that the neighbors from across the street came over to see what in the world we were doing. After we all recovered from laughing so hard, they joined in on the fun! It really was a great night!

Sorry Auntie Anna! Don't embarrass me too bad in return when I let you be a guest blogger on this site next year!


ANNA said...

Sorry Tiffany....but payback is before I am a guest blogger next year!!!
Check these GREAT pics out :)




Loukia said...

She's a cutie, you know? And love your new haircut, it looks great on you!

{Kimber} said...

haha!!!! gotta love paybacks!! :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Haha, how cute!

Mighty M said...

Very cute! My post today was princess themed too! :)

E @ Scottsville said...

OH, how fun and CUTE!!!! =0)

I've missed you around blogland, Girl!!! Good to have ya back in business.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

We've missed you princess! Don't stay away so long~!

J.J. said...

I love all the purple and pink!!!!!

That "wedding night" gown being the Cinderella Dress is a RIOT!!!! I would have rolled all over the floor and probably woken up every sleeping baby in a mile radius of my house!!! Good stuff.