Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 Month Old Chatterbox

Myers is SEVEN MONTHS OLD today!

He has always been a very vocal baby, but lately he has been chatting up a storm. Of course, everything is still in his own little jibberish language, but it is adorable to listen to even without having a clue of what he is saying.

He has also turned into a little lover boy!  He loves to cuddle and snuggle, and has recently started to truly reach out to be picked up, to be held, and to give hugs.  And he is a FLIRT!  One second he'll pour on the charm, all smiles and laughing, then he'll turn his head and play coy and shy.  It's adorable, and I eat it up every single time.

You probably remember from this post that we had to lower the crib and remove the bassinet from the playpen since he has started pulling himself up whenever he can reach onto something. He is such an active little boy! He still isn't officially crawling, but he can get where he wants to go by either rolling, scooting, or sliding across the floor.

Two more teeth have FINALLY popped through... his top two front and center teeth are now gleaming, giving him a total of 4 teeth!  His top teeth have been giving him a horrible time, so we are very relieved to finally have them completely in.

Speaking of a horrible time, Myers has been sick for over 3 weeks now.  At first we (we meaning me and our family physician) just thought that it was from teething; then we thought maybe it was allergies; then we decided it was a mild cold;  then we were worried that he possibly had pneumonia.  Thankfully the chest x-rays came back with no signs of pneumonia, so we began the process of treating him for croup and bronchitis with a sinus infection.  Three days later we discovered that he had an ear infection in BOTH ears.  Antibiotics were added to the regimen, and I'm hoping that the end is in sight!

Needless to say,  Myers' sleeping habits have NOT improved from waking up every 1-2 hours during all of his teething and illnesses.  Truth be told, his sleeping habits have gotten even worse!  I'm still holding out hope that once he is completely well, and now that he has finished with this current round of teething, that maybe just maybe, he and I both will be able to get a full night's sleep!  Hopefully I will be able to report that fabulous accomplishment in a post with all of his 8 month updates!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

He's getting so big! I hope he's feeling much better!

MomBrose said...

NO WAY!! Tell him to stop it! Put some bricks on his head or something :) He's growing too fast :)

chloe's clan said...

Hey there! It's been forever since I've blogged and bounced around. hee hee But I wanted to let you know your little guy is adorable!!
Congrats and boy sis the time go by fast, huh?