Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures in Ice Skating

We went to a birthday party for a family friend back in early December that was an ice skating party.  It was the first time that Reagan had been on the ice in over a year, and it was the first time ever on the ice for Myers.  (If you can count riding around in the jogging stroller as being on the ice!)

Reagan did great that day, and experimented with letting go of the bar a few times to skate on her own.  So when we received an invitation to another ice skating party for today, Reagan became determined to be able to skate by herself.

She and Ryan had practiced on three different occasions leading up to today's birthday party so that she would feel confident on the ice and be able to skate with some of her other Kindergarten classmates that have been taking lessons for awhile.

I was nervous today because I knew that I would not have Ryan there to be her instructor, and I was going to be having to look after the little man as well!  I got Reagan's skates laced up first, and then I proceeded to get mine on so that I could head out onto the ice with her while again pushing Myers in the stroller.

By the time I got my skates all laced up, I realized that Reagan was already out on the ice.  My heart dropped to my toes as I realized that she was out there on her own, without the bar, and without her Daddy skating closely behind her to catch her if she fell.

But I was worried for nothing.  She handled herself like a pro!  As I skated up to where she was slowly making her way around the rink, I pulled out my phone to make a quick video clip for Ryan to see.  After all, if was from him helping Reagan learn to skate that she could be as comfortable on the ice as she was today.

The lessons with Daddy certainly payed off!  By the end of the party, she was starting to glide a bit more rather than the choppy walking that she was doing when she first stepped onto the ice today.  Either way, she's now officially skating on her own!

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