Friday, March 28, 2008

The Captain of the Boat

Reagan decided that she should be the captain of the boat for a while when we went for a cruise down the waterway. It was so much fun to watch her explore and play while we were riding. She acts so much like me that it is sometimes scary. I can remember when Anna and I would go out deep sea fishing with mom and dad how we would sit at the very front of the boat (straddling the rails so we couldn't fall off as easily) and try to stretch our legs and point our toes far enough down to dip into the water. Well that spot quickly became Reagan's spot on this ride! And I can also remember how I would sometimes get bored because it would feel like we had been out there fishing for HOURS, and I would ask Daddy to turn up the music so I could dance on the front of the boat to amuse myself. Well what do you know, little miss priss decided that the front of Pops' boat made the perfect dance floor when he turned on the music. I didn't even have to prompt her... she knew that it was made for dancing! Of course, all the fun and excitement tuckered her out, and she was asleep before we finished the loop. We could just see the house over the marsh grass (ours is the one with the two big palm trees out front - to the right of the one with the green roof) when she gave up the fight and closed her eyes!

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