Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ryan's Surgery

Sorry that it has been awhile since I have made a posting, but we have been more than busy around here. As you may remember from a previous post, Ryan has been waiting for back surgery on his L5/S1 since early this summer. HIS DAY HAS FINALLY COME! On Wednesday, November 19, Ryan underwent a successful back surgery to relieve the horrible pain. He is still in quite a bit of different pain now as he recovers, but we are so grateful that the previous pain is gone completely. He should heal from surgery in the next 6-8 weeks and his life can finally return to normal. We are also grateful to Pops and Momsey for flying up to help us out during this time. They arrived the day before Ryan's surgery, and have been absolute life savers for us. I was able to spend surgery day at the hospital with Ryan without having to worry about Reagan for a single second. I honestly don't think that Reagan even noticed that we were gone! And I have been able to tend to Ryan every day since the surgery with no problems at all due to Pops & Momsey entertaining Reagan 24/7!
So, here are a few pictures of how we have spent the last couple of weeks. Ryan was told by the surgeons that he would not be allowed to enjoy our new hot tub until his incision completely healed, so the morning of his surgery he and Reagan got in for a last minute dip.Reagan has been watching Ryan lay around and relax from his surgery for the past week, and she is starting to imitate him! Smart girl as he is being waited on hand and foot these days!
And of course she has to imitate Mommy too. Luckily she doesn't have an internet connection on her computer or we would have to create her a Facebook account as well!
Since she hasn't been able to "rough house" and play with her Daddy like she normally does, she has decided to torment Dixie every day lately. Thankfully, Dixie is such a good girl and puts up with it!
I've been working Pops like crazy since he has been here. One of the first things I had him do was put our Christmas lights on the house a few days after Ryan's surgery. Ryan had done a few of them before his surgery but just couldn't finish with the pain he was in. Reagan loves to watch them twinkle. She calls them the lights on her princess castle. Pops of course was ready to eat her up while trying to keep her warm to see the pretty lights!

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