Monday, November 3, 2008

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Whew! Am I ever relieved that this past weekend is OVER! For the past few months, I have been busy planning, organizing & creating the Fall Wedding Show for Newlands Golf & Country Club. This show became my second child. The anticipation leading up to the big event might have been lessened slightly had I not had so much other stuff going on as well. Let me explain. Thursday night I had a wedding rehearsal. (For those of you who do not know about my bridal business, you can go to "" to better understand what I do.) Friday was Halloween, and as you can tell from my previous posts, I was busy with my princess all day and evening. Saturday morning I was up bright and early and out of the house by 10:00 to start work with the Bride. After a full day of wedding preparations, ceremony, pictures, reception, etc..., I made it back home just before midnight to still stay up for a few hours more working on the Wedding Show. Thank goodness I was able to gain an hour of sleep with the time change, although I don't think I was ever able to shut my brain down enough to really go to sleep! I was out of the bed by 5:00am the next morning and was walking through the doors at Newlands shortly after 6:00. The security guard got quite a shock when he saw me climb out of my car with an armload of stuff and a head full of hot-rollers! By 7:00am, both ballrooms were set and ready for the vendors to arrive. Thankfully, the salon that provided the hair & make up service for the models in the fashion show also did my hair for me that morning. The show started at 10:00 and was a absolute success. All the compliments and congratulations that I received made the past couple of months very well worth it! By 4:00 pm, all of the 150+ guests and 30+ vendors had left, so I invited Ryan & Reagan to come join me for a quick dinner before I had to make a presentation to over 100 DIFFERENT brides at 5:30. I finally walked back through the doors at home just after 7:00 pm Sunday night to a cheering husband and precious daughter that greeted me at the door with a bouquet of flowers for all my hard work! How lucky can a girl get?
The cutest part of the entire weekend was when Ryan & Reagan came to bring me a highly caffeinated coffee from Starbucks Sunday morning a couple of hours before the show was scheduled to start. Ryan gave me some sexy whistles regarding my appearance (remember that I had a team of stylists working on my hair & makeup that morning) while Reagan quickly exclaimed that my hair looked like a "booby trap!!" Oh my, the things that little girl comes up with! So at the end of my exhausting but rewarding weekend, I let Reagan take down what seemed like a thousand bobby pins from the "booby trap" before I literally crashed into the bed. WHEW!
The next show scheduled is the Spring Wedding Show at Newlands on February 22, 2009. I've already pre-sold several booths, and by the end of this week, I will have started the entire crazy process all over again!

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