Monday, March 16, 2009

Medical Updates

I've waited as long as possible to make this post, mainly because I didn't want to jinx anything! With Ryan's past surgeries, each time we thought that he was healed, we soon discovered that we were wrong. So I happily and hesitantly am glad to report the following:
Ryan's Update: He is doing great! It looks like three's a charm for him. His last surgery was just over a month ago on February 10. After a 5 day stay (partially spent upside down) in the hospital, he was allowed to come home for more bed rest. His second day home gave us quite the scare, as he had suddenly developed a very strange and quite gross looking rash around his incision site. I took him to our family doctor who determined that the "angry blisters" (his words exactly) were from an allergic reaction to the bandages that the surgeon used. What made this so unusual was that the EXACT same type of bandages were used for the third surgery as were used for the first two surgeries. And Ryan had no allergic reaction with the first two surgeries! After a couple of weeks of using a prescription steroid cream, the blisters disappeared. Ryan has already been back at work for almost three weeks now, and he is doing remarkably well. He is still very limited with what he can physically do, but he is certainly on the mend. We have our fingers crossed for that to remain to be true!

Reagan's Update: Reagan decided that she needed some of the medical attention that her Daddy had been receiving, so she took a nose dive off of the recliner last weekend and landed as if she had just done a belly-flop onto the floor. She screamed her little head off enough to cause her to go to sleep, and once she woke up we realized that she couldn't put any weight on her right leg. So, being that is was a Saturday evening, off we went to the Emergency Room. Reagan was the perfect patient, even during the x-rays. She let the technician maneuver her into all kinds of positions to get the perfect pictures of her hip, thigh, knee, shin, and ankle. Thankfully, all of the x-rays came back negative so there was no cast or splint necessary. We brought her home and gave her the prescribed medicine to help her (and us!) rest comfortably. She still wouldn't walk on it the following day, but by Monday she was able to walk with a limp. By the middle of the week, it was as if the whole incident had never occurred. Our family doctor told us after he examined her x-rays that he thinks it was probably just a slight sprain or a severe bruise. Either way, she is fine now!

Tiffany's Update: With all of the drama from everyone else in our house, I just feel thankful that I haven't lost my mind completely as there were a few days that I probably should have been admitted to the loony-bin! You would think that as busy as I have been playing nurse for everyone else that I wouldn't have time to get sick, but I somehow managed to get a sinus infection. I guess it is just that time of year. I'm hoping that will go away soon... I'm tired of feeling like my head is going to explode!

So, that's it in a nutshell. We are all anxious to be at the phase when we don't sit on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next. As much as we love our family doctor, we really hope that we don't have any reason to need to see him again in a looooooonnnnggggg time!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Amen to not seeing dr. for a long time. Thanks for the update!

LeAnne said...

glad to hear such great news!! and hope that you feel better soon:)