Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Random Ramblings

Brooke from Dinkypops No More does a random ramblings post every Thursday to clear all of the jumbled thoughts out of her head. I feel like I have neglected my blog this week, so I have lots of little things to tell you about... a random ramblings post is just the type of thing I need to get it all out there for you!


My bone scan results came back as negative, which is GREAT news for me! No breaks or fractures were found, so I have been cleared to go back to running. YAHOO! Only, I tried running the other day, and my foot started bothering me again after only a mile. My doctor has referred me to KINTEC Footlabs for them to do an in-depth analysis of my running style and gait to determine what is causing the pain. From the sounds of it, orthotics may be in my future! YUCK!


The main reason that I have neglected my computer this week is due to the giant bright glowing orb in our clear blue sky. That's right folks, we have officially declared it to be summertime at the Knopp house. Reagan and I have lived in our bathing suits for over a week now, and we have no desire to go back to regular clothing any time in the near future. We've been playing in the kiddie pools, eating popsicles, working on our tans, and working in our yard. I must say that I am extremely impressed with how our backyard is looking this year. A few more plants and hanging baskets, and it will be the island oasis escape that I can relaxingly retreat to all summer long!


We ventured down the street to the local outdoor pool over the weekend, and it was the perfect way to cool down after a long hot day. And I can not even begin to describe how much Reagan loved it. I seriously thought her eyes were going to pop right out of her head because she was so excited. It was almost as if you could see the happy energy exploding from her body as she jumped into the pool over and over and over and over again. Let me tell you, she was like a little rocket when she would go down the big slide. She would literally launch herself halfway across the pool when she hit the bottom of it! Needless to say, the child loves the water and she has NO FEAR at all. I'm considering buying a family pass this year because she loves it so much!


I nearly had a heart attack when I checked our mail the other day. Our property tax notice was delivered, and it was over $1200 higher than what we paid last year! After a thorough inspection and comparison to last year's notice, I discovered that the bulk of the increase was from water consumption and sewer charges. I keep waiting on my husband to tell me that it is all because I wash his jeans when they are only a little bit dirty instead of a whole lot dirty! I expected the water portion of our taxes to go up slightly due to the hot tub that we purchased last Fall, and due to the irrigation system that Ryan installed last summer. But I was shocked by the amount of increase. I plan to go to City Hall later this week or early next week to have them do a detailed inspection of our bill. I'm praying that they find an error of some sort or that the magic fairy comes and somehow lowers our taxes overnight!


As I mentioned earlier, I have neglected my blog this week. Despite what many of you may be thinking, I have NOT neglected your blogs! I have been keeping up with the close to 60 blogs that I follow, I just have not been leaving many comments this week. If you follow my blog regularly, then you are already aware of the comment that my sweet little Reagan gave me last week. If you don't know what I am talking about, just scroll down to the Not Me Monday post below and you will see Reagan's remark at the end! I took that to mean that maybe I was spending just a little too much time on the computer, and that I needed to cut back. So, I've been doing speed reading to stay in the loop! I do enjoy leaving comments and interacting with all of you, so I think that I am going to start blogging in the evening instead of in the morning. That way, I'll be able to spend quality time with my favorite girl all day long, AND I will have something good to do in the evening while Ryan watches his poker, tattoo, motorcycle, handyman, and crabbing shows that I can't stand!


And finally, what is a random ramblings post without a random picture of my beautiful girl?!


Erin a.k.a. Griffin's Mom said...

I love the idea of a random post because there are always so many things swirling through my mind for just one post. Great picture at the end!

Loukia said...

She is totally adorable! Great picture. Great post, love random rambling posts! Yikes for your bill... I don't even open the mail in my house anymore, I just pass them on hubby who then reminds me why I should not be shopping so much! Ooops... my bad!
And yay for sunshine and summertime! Finally, it has arrived!

Quinn Cummings said...

Your child is spectacular. That is all.
No, one more thing. I have orthotics and life is better. But there are side-effects...

Jenn said...

I'm sorry your bill is so high but I started laughing out loud when you referred to the fact that you washed your husbands jeans! :) Too funny! I'm glad you are enjoying your summer so far. We are waiting for higher temps - it's still in the 60's here. Boo!

WhisperingWriter said...

Yay, I'm glad your bone scan came out negative!

Your daughter is adorable. I'm jealous of your weather. It's been rainy all week here.

E @ Scottsville said...

Well, we miss you around here! But I can't think of a more important way to spend your time than with Reagan!

When you mentioned that bright glowing orb, I thought maybe your foot was still all aglow from radiation. Guess you meant the sun this time. OH WELL, at least you know I'm paying attention!!!

ANd if I didn't have to work, I'd be at the pool all day every freakin' day with my kiddos too!

Live it up!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

You can just stay up till midnight like me!

Lady Mama said...

That's good news about the bone scan. Lovely picture of your daughter - she is so cute! Sounds like you've been having a very enjoyable week in the sunshine.

Brandi said...

I ramble pretty much everyday. ;-) My mom has been having terrible foot pain on and off for months. Her doc finally referred her to a specialist, and after all the testing guess what he determined??? Overuse! I still don't know how he made that diagnosis with a straight face. Your daughter is a cutie pie!

Kelly said...

It's been so nice outside hasn't it. But almost too hot. I'm looking forward to it cooling down soon.

I do most of my blogging at night too and some during naptime. But it always ends in me staying up way too late.

My husband likes motorcycle, handyman, and crabbing shows too. Good thing we have two tvs.

I finally started using Google reader and it makes it a lot easier to keep up with the 60+ blogs I follow. Now I also comment less but I have to cut back so I can work on my own blog.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ahh, she is cute! I am so glad your leg was cleared for you. I am anxious to hear how the next step goes, I should really do that as well.

Tiff said...

Wow, are we really just supposed to ramble one day a week? That's pretty much my blogging style! :)

Reagan is such a cutie, can't wait to meet you guys!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a great post. I love the random thoughts. I always have little things to chat about not worthy of a full post. Thanks for sharing the idea.
Congrats on the bone scan results. I hope the other doctors can find something out soon. You have to get back to the gym and show that other girl who is the queen of the treadmill.
I am also having a hard time commenting and making post. I can't keep myself indoors. I have even tried taking the laptop outside but still no work. We will have to just keeping reading the blogs and commenting when we have time.
I also love the photo of little miss Reagan.
Have a great day!

chloe's clan said...

I know what you mean by feeling like your on the computer too much but to be honest, right now I have a great excuse! I can't move let alone take my kids to the park or whatever! LOL I did buy a kiddi pool so that we can have a little water fun here while I sit in a chair. So here's to that idea! Your little one is adorable by the way and I hope your foot gets better. Take care!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I think everyone needs a break from the computer when that big, shiny orb is glowing in the sky. Afterall, isn't blogging really a winter activity? :)

Fantastic news that your bone scan results came back OK. I was thrilled to read this.


Mighty M said...

So glad your scan was negative! We had some very sunny weather here last week too, makes it hard to want to be inside at all (however, my laptop works just fine outside too!!). ;-)

McMommy said...

Random posts are always so much fun. I just love them! Also? I am sooooo guilty of washing my husband's jeans when they are a "little dirty" as opposed to very dirty, I guess. And not just his jeans...he has a whole pile on the bench in our room that is called the "I can wear these a couple more times" pile. YUCK!!!

E @ Scottsville said...

CCD comment here - (other people, just ignore it. Tiff knows what its about).

So you run around your block in your bikini, and I post pics of myself on my blog in one occasionally. You show the block, I show the world. ha ha ha

I say, "Hey, this is ME people. Love me or hate me. Not my problem!" =0)

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Okay, you're gonna get so sick of me! Another CCD comment:

TUMP is a cross between tip and dump. You use it mostly when riding on the swingset! Example: "Don't swing higher or you're gonna tump us over!"

Momisodes said...

She is beautiful! So glad to hear that your scans all came back negative. And I'm crossing my fingers about your property taxes. I cringe every time I see ours, too.

Brooke said...

Confession: I"m a little behind on my blog readings, yet again!

Anyway, glad you did a rambling post. It feels good, doesn't it? And so glad you are already enjoying the fun of summer!

Hope you get your taxes figured out, and especially hope they can figure out what is the matter with your foot.

Grand Pooba said...

I don't blame you for the neglect. That round yellow orb thingy is very addicting!

Together We Save said...

Yes you do have a beautiful girl. I love this random post.