Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bye Bye Disneyland

As I type this, we are on our flight home from Disneyland. Hopefully I will remember to transfer this file to the blog and hit the publish button once we get home tonight!

We started off our final day at Disney with one last character breakfast. On the way there, Reagan made a last wish into her wishing fountain.

Breakfast was fantastic once again… all of the food all week long at Disney was delicious. This pregnant lady loved being able to eat all the pancakes that I could hold each morning! Reagan got to visit with both Chip and Dale once again this morning, plus she met two new characters Tirk and Meeko. I know that Tirk is from the Tarzan movie… I will have to do some investigating about Meeko the Raccoon!

Once our bellies were full, it was time to head back into the theme park. We had told Reagan that she could ride any and all of her favorite rides one more time, and she did just that. First stop was the Go Gadget Coaster. She and Ryan rode together first, and then I jumped in on the fun for the second trip since there were hardly any lines this morning.

Reagan insisted that we ride It's A Small World again for Momsey since she knew it was her favorite ride, and then we also rode the tea cups again. Reagan had us spinning so fast that I never thought I would be able to walk straight again once we got off!

We took another walk through Sleeping Beauty’s castle, which Reagan has renamed to be “Princess Reagan’s Castle.”

We were surprised to find a full-band parade happening on the other side of the castle, but we quickly joined right in. Mickey was leading the band while Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Pinocchio, Alice and the Mad Hatter all danced around. At the end of the performance, Mickey looked and pointed right at Reagan and then blew her a kiss!

We adventured onto two new rides today as well. We decided that since Reagan was such a daredevil on the Go Gadget Coaster that we should let her try the Mattahorn roller coaster. SHE LOVED IT! The Mattahorn is the big coaster that runs through and around a giant mountain. It is a full sized coaster, and Reagan had some full sized fun!

We also took a tour around both parks and through the downtown district via the Disney Monorail. It was a 2.5 mile trek, and we were lucky enough to be sitting in the front pod with a great view of everything!

We still had several snack and food vouchers remaining out of our dining certificates, so we decided to load up on some goodies from the street vendors after our lunch. We now have enough suckers to last us until Christmas, plus we got a souvenir tub of popcorn, a souvenir jug of lemonade, a glow in the dark flashing necklace, and a bubble blowing machine!

We ended the day with a lovely carriage ride back up to the Main Street Station, just before the park exit. Our horse was named Holly, and Reagan was sure to give her a few thank you rubs once we were finished.

When we got back to the hotel, Ryan and Reagan went for a final swim in the pool while I packed up all of our stuff.

We had shuttle reservations to take us back to the LAX airport at 2:50, and it was an hour AFTER that when the shuttle arrived. The Southern Redneck in me very quickly came out as I unleashed my anger on the driver when he finally pulled up! We were rushed to say the least once we arrived at the airport, but we made our flight just the same. We barely had a second to spare, but we made the flight!

So now, as we are soaring somewhere between Los Angeles and Seattle, I am able to look back on the entire trip with the biggest smile on my face that you can imagine. This was the vacation of a lifetime. Being able to experience the magic of Disney with Reagan was amazing. It was memorable enough for Ryan and I to be going ourselves, but to see Reagan having the time of her life made it all the more special.

We can’t believe how lucky we were with such fabulous weather the entire time that we were there. Only a few minutes of rain during our dinner time on day one, and the rest was sunshine. Not too hot, and not too cold… JUST RIGHT! We were also lucky in that we never had to stand in an extremely long line. The park attendants were telling us that during the summer months, the lines can be as long as up to three hours for the most popular attractions. Whew… thank goodness we didn’t have a wait like that. The longest line we had was at the Fantasy Faire where you meet and greet the princesses. Our very own Prince Charming Ryan stood in line for the half hour wait while Reagan and I rode a couple of the rides that were close by. All of our other wait times were less than 10 minutes! And we were super lucky in that we never had a single meltdown from our Princess. She was an angel throughout the entire trip!

It is going to be hard to enter back into the reality of the real world tomorrow… especially since we won’t be getting home tonight until super late. We will have Princess Reagan back home in her own bed just before the clock strikes midnight tonight we hope!

Reagan begged us to stay at Disneyland forever, but it just wasn’t a request that we could fulfill! We made a deal with her when we left today that we would bring her back to Disneyland for her new baby brother or sister’s fourth birthday. And if she can’t wait that long, then there is always DisneyWORLD for another new adventure!!!


Mama4Real said...

uuuugh. I can't WAIT to take my kids!!!!!!!

You'll have to email me and tell me about the package that y;all got for the trip, it won't be long before we head there!!!

Anna said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!

We are going to Disney World in June - I can't wait for Ally to experience the wonder!

I was thinking about doing that Bibbity Boppity Boutique - do you think it's worth the money? Looks like Reagan really enjoyed it!


MomBrose said...

You're so right...the trip of a lifetime! :)
She will NEVER forget it!! :)
Oh, and I think the raccoon is from Pocahontas...but I'm not sure.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad you had an amazing time! What a great family memory!

valerie said... did it right! I love all of your posts and Reagan looks adorable and like she had the time of her life! I love dland and you tinmed it right....great weather and no lines...what more could a princess ask for? :)