Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disneyland Day TWO

Day Two couldn't have started any more special. We were at the Disneyland Park by 8:45 in the morning for our breakfast reservation with Minnie Mouse and her friends. This was a breakfast that I will never forget. I am amazed that Reagan even managed to eat a thing with all of the excitement that she was experiencing, but she surprised us and ate like a champ while she was visiting with all of her new friends. Eeyore, Chip & Dale, Max (Goofy's son) and Geppeto all made a stop by our table...
Captain Hook even paid us a visit...
But it was the Fairy Godmother and Minnie Mouse herself who stole the show for Reagan. Fairy Godmother sang a birthday bibbidi bobbidi boo song for Reagan, and Minnie couldn't stop giving her tons of hugs. Like I said, it was a breakfast that we will all never forget!
Our next stop was at Pixie Hollow where Reagan met Tinkerbell and Silvermist. Tinkerbell must have sprinkled a little extra pixie dust on our birthday girl for an extra magical day!
We ventured into Tomorrowland where Reagan took a ride on Nemo's submarine and she took a turn at the wheel on Autopia. Look out Dale Jr... Reagan's gonna give you a run for your money one day!
For lunch, we headed over to Critter Country to visit with Pooh Bear and to eat at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. We asked Reagan if she was a hungry bear and she said, "No, but I'm a hungry Reagan!" It must be something in the air of Disney because we have yet to have our normal meal time arguments with getting Reagan to eat here!
We rode A LOT of rides on Day Two. I mean a WHOLE lot... Reagan took a turn on the Astro Oribitor, Autopia, Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, King Arthur's Carrousel, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Sleeping Beauty's Castle Walk About, Peter Pan's Flight, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Snow White's Scary Adventures, the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire, Casey Jr.'s Circus Train, Pixie Hollow, the Gadget's Go Coaster (again and again and again!), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a Jungle Cruise, and Tarzan's Treehouse.
Once again, her favorite ride was the Gadget's Go Coaster. Here's a shot of a portion of the wild ride...
She just laughs and screams and hollers with her hands up in the air the entire time that she is on this thing. Something tells me that we will be riding it a few more times over the next few days!

We spent some more time with all of the princesses again, and Reagan got to meet a couple of new gals along with the others she had seen on Day One. Mulan and Jasmine were added to the mix! Reagan was especially excited to get to see Sleeping Beauty again since she was dressed up as Sleeping Beauty herself.
We also ran into Mary Poppins and Bert doing some street dancing on our way to dinner. Reagan joined right in with their fun after she got the required autograph for her book.
After a delicious dinner at Tortilla Joe's in the Downtown Disney District, we decided once again to head back to the hotel. After spending almost 10 hours in the park, we were afraid that too much more may be too much for our little Princess. We still have plenty more nights to catch the fireworks!

It still took until almost 9:00 for Reagan to finally settle down and to fall asleep after her fun-filled day of activities. But once she crashed, she crashed hard!
Just as on Day One, we were very lucky with the weather on Day Two. The forecast had predicted thunderstorms and high winds all day long, but we only saw SUNSHINE and a gentle breezes! We're hoping that the forecast will again be wrong tomorrow as we head over to San Diego for a day trip to Sea World. But even if it rains as it is predicted to do, I'm sure that we will still have a blast!


{Kimber} said...

I love seeing all these pics!!
makes me want to go SOOOO bad :)

ralph said...

looks like fun

Mama4Real said...

So glad you're having fun!

I've got to ask though, did you get some kind of special deal for eating in the park? When i went to DW in orlando, it cost an arm and a leg to just feed ME!!!

I'd love to hear about having breakfast w/ the characters, that sounds amazing!!!

Bethany said...

You will have SO MUCH FUN at Sea World!! We went in September and loved it :)

Loukia said...

Sounds like - and looks like - so much fun! :)