Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

After only a couple of months of preschool this past year, Reagan announced to us that she had a boyfriend.


She was three at the time.

I nearly had a heart attack, yet I thought it was incredibly cute.

Ryan just nearly had a heart attack!

Reagan told us that her boyfriend's name was Vaughn, and we made sure to pay special attention at the next show day so that we would know just who this Vaughn was. He was pretty easy to pick out of the crowd... he was the one that was all over our daughter!
We had a good laugh with Vaughn's parents after show day that day... apparently Vaughn was doing a lot of talking about this little girl named Reagan at his house too!

The conversations of Vaughn continued in our house for quite some time, and then recently we began to notice that Reagan seemed to have removed the word "Vaughn" from her vocabulary. We finally asked Reagan one day if Vaughn was still her boyfriend, and all we got out of her was a flat sounding, "No" with a bit of a pouty face.

We didn't press the issue.

I am just going to assume that these two kids are very smart for their young age and that they realized that it would be difficult to keep up their "relationship" during the summer break from pre-school.

What advice did I give my sweet little girl? I could have told her a number of things...
  • Breaking up is hard to do
  • Sometimes love ain't enough
  • The heart was made to be broken
  • There's other fish in the sea
  • You're better off without him
Instead, I chose not say much of anything at all. Other than the pouty face, she didn't seem bothered by any of it. Plus, I figure there will be plenty of times in the future that will be far more significant to her that I will have to worry about what I am supposed to say to help heal a broken heart!

Of course, if she is anything like her momma, she will be the one doing the breaking up... I found that it tends to hurt less that way!


Brandi said...

That is so cute! ;)

My 9 year old has already picked out his wife. It's a little girl that goes to art class with him. He even told her that they were going to get married... and she replied 'you have to go to college first.' HAHA!!! I LOVE her! :)

Megan said...

Oh dear, I guess that is my future. My little girl is only 16 months old, and she LOVES her some little boys.
I'm your newest follower!

Bethany said...

Loved this post! ha! Jaden too came home with a "boyfriend" this year and his name was Levi. Then all of a sudden she stopped talking about him and I found out it was because she didn't get to have lunch with him on Tuesdays anymore. It totally ruined their "relationship" although I noticed that Levi is quite a "ladies man" if you know what I mean so I'm glad Jaden broke it off!! ha!

Erin said...

So cute! I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to tell her all about heartbreak!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is too cute! Scary but cute!