Monday, April 25, 2011

The 5 Year Old Party Girl

Wow! For three days straight, it has been non-stop partying for our Reagan.  Being the diva princess that she is, she wouldn't have it any other way!

On Friday, her preschool class celebrated the April birthday's during the end-of-month party.  Reagan got to share this special celebration with the only other April birthday, and it just happened to be her sweet little boyfriend Matthew!  The kids performed all of the latest songs that they learned over the last month, they impressed us with their knowledge of coral reefs and sea life as well as all that they learned about the artist Claude Monet.  Then it was time for the birthdays!  Reagan was so proud to wear her party crown and to blow out the candles on the classroom cake.

On Saturday, Reagan hosted her birthday party at the gymnastics center where she trains.   The kids all had a blast playing on the equipment and following the directions of the coaches.  They played in the gym for an hour before heading upstairs for pizza and cake.  Reagan got to blow out five candles once again, this time on the Barbie cake that she picked out.  Then she was ready to open up her presents!  All I can say is that we have some of the best friends and family in the world... our little girl was spoiled rotten by everyone!

Sunday was her actual birthday, and we had our own little birthday celebration for her after lunch.   She waited patiently all morning, and then she got down to business of opening even more presents.  She was thrilled to receive her first ever REAL tea set from Pops and Momsey.   She was quick to thank them for shopping at her and mommy's favorite store... Pottery Barn Kids!

She had to do a little work for her final present from us.  We sent her on a scavenger hunt through the house to locate clues for the big surprise.   We all had lots of fun watching her search from room to room.  The first clue sent her upstairs to Pops and Momsey's room, and from there she found a clue in the bathtub.  She then had to pull a clue out of the freezer and then the washing machine.  She wasn't too impressed about getting her hair all wet when she had to go searching outside, but she quickly got over it when the final clue took her to the back of Mommy's Denali where she discovered a TRAMPOLINE!

Ryan and my Dad spent the rest of the afternoon outside in the rain assembling the monstrosity, but I'm pretty sure that they didn't mind once they saw the huge smile on Reagan's face as she was jumping for the first time.

We've all had a blast taking turns jumping with Reagan, but I think Ryan may be having the most fun of all.  I was shocked to learn that he had never jumped on a trampoline before... but he is making up for lost time now!


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