Friday, April 22, 2011

Hockey Night In Canada

We are a hockey family.  Always have been, always will be.  Good grief, it was hockey that brought my husband and I together all the way from Vancouver, BC to South Carolina.  So it is only natural that our kids are hockey fans as well!

Ryan took Reagan to her first NHL game last month, and she was as proud as could be to go watch her Canucks in person.  Thanks to Ryan's boss, they had fantastic seats only a few rows off the ice.  I helped Reagan to make an awesome sign to take with her to the game to help her catch the cameraman's eye to assure her a chance to make her television debut.

I didn't get to see an up close shot of her while I was watching the game at home with Myers, but since I knew where she and Ryan were sitting I was easily able to spot her in the crowd, cheering her little head off!  She did make it onto the jumbo-tron at the arena, and Ryan told me that you would have thought she had just walked the red carpet as the starring role for a movie premiere after she saw herself on the big screen! 

They made it home around 10:30 that night... 3 hours past Reagan's normal bedtime.  She was still WIDE awake and wired up to tell me all about the game.  Fin, the Canuck's mascot, spent the majority of the second period hanging out with Reagan.  She couldn't stop talking about how he tried to steal her seat, how he did steal her popcorn, and how he let her bang on his drum.  He even gave her a big stuffed replica of himself to bring home as the perfect memory from her first ever game.  It really was a magical night!

And now, the Canucks need a little of that magic.  Vancouver has never won the Stanley Cup, and we believe that this could be our year.  But first, we have to get past the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks.  Right now, the Canucks are leading the series, 3 games to 2.  Just one more win for the Canucks, and we'll advance to the next round!  If Myers could talk, he would be joining Reagan in chanting:  "GO CANUCKS GO!"

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like she had a great time!