Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aviva Cup Gymnastics Competition

Reagan's second gymnastics competition was the first weekend in May, and just like her first competition, she ROCKED it!

She started the event on bars, and then moved on to beam.  She did great on both events, but had a slight bobble on the beam that caused her to step off.  (We found out the next day that she was suffering from a severe ear infection, so we'll blame the balance issue on faulty equilibrium!)

She next moved on to floor and then vault.  As proud as I was of her on all events, I was the most impressed with her floor routine.  She did the best back extension that I have EVER seen her do... actually extending into a handstand at mid-flip!  You can see for yourself in the pictures below...  The large picture in the bottom left corner is her starting position.  The pictures then progress throughout the rotation of the extension starting in the top left corner working your way across and then down to the bottom left corner for the finish.

She had been struggling in practice to do her arch-back to bridge without having a spot, so I was THRILLED when she did it all by herself in the competition!

She even managed a near-perfect cartwheel.  The progression of the pictures starts at the top left to right, then moves to the bottom left to right.

Her scores had definitely improved from her previous meet back in January.  She earned silver on vault and floor, bronze on beam and bars, and SILVER FOR THE OVERALL!

Way to go Reagan!  We are all super proud of our little gymnast!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Way to go, Reagan!

Kelly said...

It's amazing what they can do when they're so young!