Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Extravaganza

I can honestly say that this Mother's Day was the BEST MOTHER'S DAY EVER! Of course, something tells me that I will say that year after year... but so far this one takes the cake!

The Friday before Mother's Day, Reagan's preschool hosted a tea for all of the moms.  Since my parents were here visiting with us, we got prior approval for Momsey to come join us as well.

When my mom and I arrived at the school, we were escorted into the classroom by Reagan.  Each child brought their mother into the room one by one and told us where to take a seat.  All of the moms (and Momsey) were then pampered with a FABULOUS pedicure.  First, Reagan washed our feet.  Then she gave us a fantastic foot massage with some sweet smelling lotion, and then finished off the pampering with a spritz of perfume.   All of the moms were a bit relieved to know that this pedicure did NOT include any polish!

Then the real fun began.  Reagan's teachers instructed us on how to play a little game called "The Mom Connection" much like the old TV show "The Love Connection."  Each child had previously given the answer to a question, and the teachers wrote down those amazing answers.  The kids were split into groups of five, and each group received a different question.  Some kids were asked how old their moms are... the answers ranged from "7" to "50 or something."  Another group was asked what their moms do best... those answers included everything from "giving hugs" to "working on the computer."  Hmmm... I bet that computer mommy is a blogger!  One group was asked what mommy's favorite tv show is... those answers were actually pretty acurate!  Reagan's group was asked "Where was your mommy born?"  The answers from her group were hilarious!  One kid said that his mommy was never born, that she has just always been big, but she used to live in England!  Reagan's answer was priceless... "My mommy was born in the place with the stars and stripes on the flag!"  I wrote down South Carolina for my answer, so even though it wasn't a perfect match, it was the PERFECT ANSWER!

After the game, Teacher Anne read us all a super sweet story that I have read myself many times before.  For some reason, hearing it read to us all in that setting, with Reagan curled up in my lap, I couldn't stop myself from becoming a blubbering mess!  You've probably heard it before... "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.  It's the super sweet story of a young woman holding her newborn son and softly singing to him:
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.
The story continues throughout the stages of the little boy's childhood until he becomes a man.  There is one part of the story that is, let's be honest here, just a little bit creepy.  After the man moves out on his own, the mother would drive across town in the middle of the night and climb through his bedroom window to still sing the song to him.   Ummm, no.  That is weird on all kinds of levels!  Munsch could have just left that part out of the story if you ask me.

Anyway, I wasn't the only one that got choked up listening to the story.  Even Teacher Anne had to take a moment to catch her voice and wipe her eyes by the end of the book.

Once we had all recomposed ourselves, the children escorted us into another room for tea and cake.  It was a lovely little service, and it was obvious that the kids had put A LOT of work into decorating and making everything special for the moms.

After we had finished our tea, the kids serenaded us with a super sweet song and then presented us each with a gift...
The quote on Reagan's picture frame says "My mommy loves me with all of her heart.  I love her as much as the whole wide world!"

Seriously, the entire afternoon was adorable, loving, sweet, and perfect!  It was like a gigantic overloaded mommy love-fest!

For Mother's Day Sunday, Reagan and Myers presented me with a beautiful necklace that I had been wanting ever since Myers was born.  If you haven't ever heard of Lisa Leonard and her amazing original hand-stamped designs, you really need to go check her out.  Go ahead and click on her name, but be sure to come back to finish reading here too!

Myers gave me an extra surprise that day as well... he started sitting ALL BY HIMSELF!  I will always remember that he reached that milestone on Mother's Day!

Reagan and Myers helped me to create the perfect picture to give to Momsey, Great-Gran, and Grandma to make their Mother's Day special as well.   I was extremely happy to get such a great shot of both of them actually looking at the camera AND with smiles on both of their faces... that in itself was like another gift to me! 

So, like I said at the very beginning, this was the best Mother's Day ever.  I was pampered with love and affection from my children, AND I got to share the day with my own Mom too.  It just doesn't get any better than that!

PS... We decided to play the "Connection" game at home later the same night as the Mother's Day so that Ryan and Pops could see how cute the answers could be.  I took Reagan into another room and asked her all four of the questions that were asked of the kids at preschool, and I had her give me an answer to each question for Momsey, Pops, and her Daddy.  The best answer of all... "What does Pops do best?"  Her answer... "Go to the bathroom!"  Hmmmm, someone spends a lot of time reading in his office!

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