Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Month Old Baby Boy

He's still a baby boy!  I don't have to officially start calling Myers a toddler until he starts toddling/walking around right?  But oh my goodness is he ever growing up.  My baby boy is turning into a little man way too fast!!!

Since the last update, (8 Months Old) Myers has been a very busy boy.  He has gone from being a casual crawler to an Olympic speed crawler.  He is currently showing no signs of wanting to walk on his own (he will take a few steps while holding on to the couch) because he can easily and quickly get to everywhere that he needs to go by crawling.

Speaking of holding on to the couch... he pulls up on it and ANYTHING else that he can get his hands on.  He's going to have some serious upper body muscles if he keeps this up.  He's like a little monkey!

Speaking of pulling, how about climbing?  He can now climb up to the top of the stairs.  Yes, baby gates have once again been installed in our house!  He is quite the mischievous little boy, and he loves to go exploring everywhere!

Speaking of upstairs... that is where the nursery is!  Life is so much better in our house now that Myers has mastered sleep training.  We are all happier now, especially Myers.  Nap time or night time, he now loves to sleep in his crib.  He also loves to play in his crib when he wakes up, tossing his stuffed animals over the railings.

Speaking of being happier... We moved him into a toddler style car seat (still rear-facing) instead of the infant carrier bucket seat, and he is MUCH happier in the car these days.  No more screaming coming from the backseat just for making a trip to the grocery store!

Speaking of groceries... this little man will eat anything you put in front of him. His appetite has definitely increased the last couple of months, and he now wants to eat "grown up" food and feed himself just like we do.  He now weighs 18 pounds and is 29 inches long.  He has also started using a sippy cup when he is not nursing.  (He's just like Reagan in that he never once used a bottle)  So far, we've only given him water, but it doesn't seem to phase him what is in the cup.  He's happy to put anything and EVERYTHING that he sees in his mouth.

Speaking of his mouth.. he now has two more teeth, giving him a total of six. He currently has four on the top and two on the bottom, giving him a precious smile.

Speaking of smiles... how about a couple of smiling pictures of our 10 Month Old Baby Boy!!!

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