Monday, October 13, 2008

Story Telling

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Every night before bed, once the lights are off, I make up stories to tell Reagan. Her favorite is the one about a little girl named Reagan and her little puppy dog named Dixie. Lately, Reagan has started telling the story herself. While we were in the line up for the ferry ride home from the corn maze, we let Reagan get out of her carseat to run free in the car. Luckily, I had the camera ready when she started to tell the story. Of course, the train coming by took us all by surprise, and I accidentally hit the stop button. Just in case you need an interpretation of Reagan's version, I've printed the full story below...
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Reagan who had a little puppy dog named Dixie. Reagan and Dixie love to go for long walks. They walk around the block, they walk to the park, they walk through the forest, and sometimes they walk to feed the ducks. One day while walking, they came upon a bridge with a river underneath it. Dixie was thirsty so she asked Reagan if she could take a drink. Reagan said, "Sure can." But Reagan didn't know that the water in the river was magic water. As soon as Dixie took a drink, she was able to FLY! Reagan held on tightly to Dixie's paw, and together they soared through the sky. They flew over the trees and above the clouds. They flew so high that they could see everything below them. Reagan and Dixie flew through the sky for so long that they became very hungry. They could smell dinner cooking at Reagan's house below them, so they came in for a landing in the back yard. Then Reagan and Dixie went inside to eat all of their dinner all gone. The End.

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