Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today was a day of firsts! We have now had our FIRST snowfall of the season, which gave us about six inches of snow. Reagan made her FIRST ever snow angel, all by herself. She must have seen someone do it on one of her many Christmas shows, because she just walked outside and started making one immediately. And I shoveled snow for the FIRST time in my life today. I never had to worry about shoveling snow in South Carolina... it doesn't snow enough there to worry about, and I'm sure my Dad would have done it anyway. Ryan is "plow man" during the winter, so he always shovels our driveway. Not this year though because he is still recovering from his second back surgery. So I got busy with the shovel and went to work. Ryan was impressed and said that we have the cleanest driveway in all of Langley. We may have the saltiest driveway as well... I think I used too much! But hey... it's not slippery or snowy! The forecasters are calling for up to another foot of snow by Christmas, so I am guessing that all of the firsts will be repeated in just a few days!IT'S SNOWING!
My little snow angel!
Playing in the snow... and loving it!
The cleanest driveway in all of Langley!

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