Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Second Surgery

We are now home from Ryan's second surgery in less than three weeks. After the fiasco of last week (finding out that Ryan needed surgery again, going to the hospital and getting ready for surgery to then only be sent home, and then waiting all weekend to find out when his surgery would be) we didn't think life could get any more chaotic. WE WERE WRONG! After over a dozen phone calls yesterday to the hospital and to the neurosurgeon's office, we finally found out that Ryan's surgery was scheduled for today at 3:10 pm. The neurosurgeon's office called to tell us this. So imagine our surprise when we get a phone call this morning at 10:30 asking us why Ryan was not at the hospital for his surgery yet? According to them, his surgery was at 9:45AM. WHAT?! So we jumped into the car and set off for the hospital, which is an hour away from our house. Thankfully they had held the O.R. for us (something that is unheard of around here) and Ryan went into surgery shortly after noon. The neurosurgeon came to find me around 2:30 to let me know that Ryan was in recovery and that all had gone well. He didn't offer much of an explanation as to what had happened or how it had happened. All he said was that he removed the bulging part of the disc, and that he also found two "fragments" from the previous surgery. So we are hoping that means that it was done right this time! He did also say that Ryan's recovery would be twice as long now since he is recovering from two surgeries. I was never allowed to see him because they didn't have a room to "admit" him to. He had to stay in the recovery area and the surgical day-care for 6 hours, and no visitors are allowed in either department. They finally released him, and we are now at home. LET'S HOPE THAT THIS TIME WE DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!!! I'll keep you posted as to how things are going the next few days.

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