Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Reunions

Anytime that we visit the family beach house in North Carolina is like a family reunion of sorts.  The only difference this summer is that we were able to spend time with more family than ever!

From sun up to sun down, Reagan was busy playing with her cousins each and every day.  She was the little social butterfly this year, floating from house to house visiting with family.  Of course, it is hard to stay inside any of the houses for long when we're at the beach.  There is just too much fun to be had outside and on the water...

We were also lucky enough this trip to be able to spend some time with my Grandmother.  I can not begin to explain how grateful I am to my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Evelyn (my mom's older brother and his wife) for bringing my Grandmother to the waterway to visit with us.  I was determined to see her this trip, but I couldn't imagine how we were going to make the 5+ hour car trip to Grandmother's house when Captain Cranky Pants can't stand to be in his car seat for 5+ minutes!

They arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and we immediately started having a beaching good time with them...  soaking up the sun, splashing in the baby pool at the beach house, swimming in their hotel pool, and eating up some delicious Southern seafood treats!  Reagan and Myers both loved all of the extra attention that they received (as if they hadn't been spoiled enough already by the dozens of other family members at the beach).  I'm pretty sure that my Grandmother (or Great Gran as my kids call her) was happy to see us all, but she was especially excited to meet her first great-grandSON for the first time!

It really was a special visit... THANK YOU AGAIN WAYNE & EVELYN!

Being with ALL of my family makes it even harder to say goodbye and return home to Canada, but that is what will happen tomorrow.  As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end."

Until next summer...

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