Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Go For a Boat Ride Pops!

My children LOVE going for boat rides!  

Reagan, of course, had been boating with Pops numerous times before.  But this was a new experience for Myers.  When we first put him in his life jacket, he was a little unsure as to what we were planning to do with him.  However once he discovered the fun of licking the salt off of his life jacket, he was all smiles! Speaking of life jackets... Reagan is sporting the exact same jacket that I wore when I was her age!

Once we were moving, Myers was in love and was all smiles.  Again just like her Mommy used to do, Reagan perched herself at the very front of the boat for the best view and most fun ride of all.

Myers enjoyed just relaxing and taking in the views of the waterway.  Reagan loved going over the waves, and then she loved getting up and dancing around the boat when we would enter into any of the no-wake zones.  (Again, she is her mother made over as I used to do the EXACT same things!)

Tonight, Ryan and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary, and we did so with a boat ride to a fabulous restaurant called The Inlet View.  Pops and Momsey had been to this restaurant before and encouraged us that we would enjoy not only our dinner, but also the fabulous views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean from the upper deck.  I think they were expecting us to go on our own to enjoy a romantic dinner, but we had a different plan!  We wanted to spend our anniversary with the whole family, so we ALL loaded up into the boat.  My parents were correct... the dinner and the views were both amazing.  But it was the fact that we were able to enjoy it with them and our kids all together that made it even better... especially the boat ride!

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