Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Holy Moly!  We were busy from sun up to sun down this Halloween.  And to be truthful, we were still busy for a few hours even after the sun went down!!!

We started off the day much the same as any other school day, only we had to make sure that Reagan was dressed in costume for her Kindergarten Halloween party.  She was worried that she would get her "real" costume dirty during the school day, so we recycled her costume from last year for her to wear to school today.  Once again, she was a Barbie Rockstar!  Her entire class came to school dressed and ready for a day of fun.  Aren't they adorable?

Normally, immediately after school on a Monday afternoon, Reagan would head off to gymnastics.  But not today!  Today, she had the afternoon off to get ready for some serious trick-or-treating.  We decided together for she and Myers to dress in theme, and I couldn't have been happier with her decision for their costumes.  He was a football player, and she was his cheerleader!

I had hoped to dress them both as South Carolina Gamecocks, but we just couldn't find the appropriate costumes in time.  So instead, we dressed them in our "local" NHL team wear... the Seattle Seahawks!  As always, Reagan was ready to pose for her pictures...

Myers, on the other hand, was more interested in the football than the camera!

It only took a few seconds for Myers to realize that he could reach the candy bowl at the front door.  This, of course, was not candy meant for Myers and Reagan to have... this was the candy for us to hand out to all of the trick-or-treaters in our neighbourhood.  We usually average close to 200 kids on Halloween, so every piece of candy counts around here.  But Myers was convinced that it wouldn't matter if he just took one little piece...

Lord, help me.  Myers has already inherited his Daddy's "Not me!" expression!

One of Reagan's best friends and her family came over to join us in trick-or-treating.

Our neighbourhood is extremely popular as the house just down the street from us goes ALL OUT year after year with their decorations.  (Maybe next year I will remember to take a picture of all that they do!  Just trust me when I tell you that it is amazing... it even includes a mannequin being put to death in an electric chair.  It's truly nuts, and demonstrates the scary side of Halloween to the extreme.  People literally come by the bus loads to our neighbourhood each year to check it out.)   Anyway, like I was saying, Reagan's friend came to join us!  Reagan was so excited to have Trinity and her family join us, and it was fun watching them go from house to house together.

It didn't take long before Reagan's goodie bag was beginning to reach the stage of overflowing.  Just take a look here to see for yourself that she was struggling just to carry the thing!

As crazy as it may sound, Reagan's favourite part of Halloween is not getting candy... it's giving out the candy!  She loves greeting all of the kids at our door, and this year was even more fun for her.  Since she is now at a school that goes from Kindergarten to Grade 5, she now knows kids of all ages in our neighbourhood.  She would get so excited each time that someone from her school came to our house!  And I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the fact that she knew so many people and that they also knew her.  It was pretty cool to see our little girl all grown up.  She decided that it was too cold in her cheerleading uniform, so she quickly got dressed in her footed pyjamas and winter coat to finish off the night.  It was well past her bedtime, but she was simply having too much fun for us to make her come inside.  It was only once we ran out of candy just before 9:00 that we were able to convince her to go to bed.

Something tells me I am going to have a hard time getting her out of bed tomorrow morning to get ready for school!

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