Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Blast From the Past

I'm not quite sure how it all got started, but Reagan and I somehow ended up playing dress up together today with a few of my old evening gowns and pageant dresses.  She was convinced that she was wearing my wedding gown until I showed her this picture of me in the gown from back in 1994!  Yes, I was once a pageant queen.  Just click on the picture of me from back in the day for the details of that story!

I didn't make an attempt to see if that dress would still fit me, as I didn't want to run the risk of ripping it to shreds since it was handmade for me way back when.  However, I did decide to try and see if my high school prom dress from 1993 would still fit.  And guess what... it did!  Here's a comparison of both now and then for you...

I am sure that my husband is convinced that Reagan and I both had completely lost our minds when we concluded the fashion show by both sporting little black cocktail dresses.

It was a super fun morning with Reagan... now if I could just come with an excuse to get dressed up like that for real for a night out on the town one evening!


Bethany said...

You look absolutely amazing!! How old was Myers when these photos were taken? I currently have 11 lbs left to get to my pre-3rd-baby-weight and 20 or so to get down to my pre-kids weight. I apparently just need to do whatever you've done! I can't believe you fit into your prom dress. Incredible!

Teri M said...

You totally need to plan a dress up date night! :)