Thursday, January 19, 2012

14 Month Update for Myers

Myers is turning into a little man and growing up WAY too fast!

He has developed quite the personality, and he loves to play games with us now.  One of his favourites is a combination of hide-n-seek with peek-a-boo. He will run over to hide behind the curtains, and wait for us to start asking, "Where did Myers go?"  Once he hears those magic words, he will pop out from behind the curtains with a super huge grin on his face and expect us to say, "There he is!  Peek-a-boo!"

During the Christmas holidays, he discovered his love for chocolate as he would get to eat a tiny piece of chocolate each morning from the Advent calendar.   The only problem is that Christmas is over, and he still expects his piece of chocolate every morning!

He has also discovered a love for Starbucks.  Hmmm...  can you say, "Just like Mommy"?

He is walking all over the place now, and he has even tried to start running a couple of times while playing with Reagan.  The only problem is that his little legs seem to be going faster than the rest of his body, and he has a tendency to lose control and just fall down from all of his momentum.  This has led to a very bloody and deeply busted lip on three occasions now.  The first time, I nearly had a melt down from all of the blood.  The second time, it was Ryan who had a little freak-out.  By the third mishap, both Ryan and I were seasoned pros at the sight of blood and teeth marks in his lip!

Speaking of teeth, FOUR more have come through in the last month, giving him a total of 14!  I don't remember Reagan getting all her teeth this quickly, but there is a good possibility that it could also be the case for her.  I've just been too lazy to flip through her baby book or take a walk down memory lane on the blog to find out!

Myers decided that he was done using the big high chair and that he wants to sit at the dining room table with the rest of us when we eat dinner now. Thankfully, we had purchased a travel high chair to use with Reagan whenever we went camping, and I was able to strap it down to one of our dining room chairs for Myers to use.  He thinks he is such a big boy now!  

Sitting at the big table has prompted him to also start to use a fork and spoon by himself now when he eats.  This is still not always the most mess-free way of letting him eat, and I've come to terms with the fact that I will be sweeping and vacuuming the dining room floor every day for the next little while!

And finally, I have to tell you that Myers is a LOVER!  This little boy loves to snuggle and to give big, tight squeezing hugs and open mouth kisses.  Don't you wish you could just reach inside your screen to get some of that loving for yourself from this adorable little man?!?!