Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

There is no better way to shake off the post-holiday blues than by spending a fun evening with some fantastic friends!

We loaded up and made the 3-minute drive over to Reagan's boyfriend's house for a New Year's Eve sleepover bash.  Little did we know then that there was going to be some REAL bashing to take place!

The highlight of the evening for the children, other than being allowed to stay up super late to watch the ball drop (thank heavens we could watch it on an East Coast feed, so they were actually up only a little past 9PM our time!) was when Matthew's dad brought out the hammer for the children to bash apart the monster gingerbread house that their family had made for Christmas.  I'm not sure which part was more fun... the bashing, or the eating!

Myers and Anna (Matthew's little sister, Anna, not my little sister, Anna) went to bed without much fuss at all.  For Reagan and Matthew, however, it was a bit of a different story.  We had placed a baby monitor in Matthew's room so that we could hear all of their anti-bedtime shenanigans, and we were definitely entertained by what we heard.  Lots of giggles, a few squeals, some quiet story telling, and finally, sleeping children.  Of course, we had to go upstairs a couple of times to provide a bit of encouragement for sleeping.  The deal was that Matthew was supposed to sleep in his bed, and Reagan was to sleep on the air mattress beside his bed.  But that didn't happen!  We went upstairs to discover both of them in Matthew's bed.  The explanation that was given by Matthew was just too sweet and genuine for us to argue, so we let them fall asleep that way.  I mean, how could we say no to, "But's it's just too cold for Reagan to have to sleep on the floor.  It's way more cozy and warm in my bed."  Ahhh, the innocence of young children.  Something tells me that we won't be able to allow those sleeping arrangements for much longer!

Once the kids were all tucked in for the night, it was time for the grown-ups to play some Rock Band on the Wii.  Acting out your inner diva on the microphone is much easier after a few of these...

Let's just say that I had enough Blue Moon to make me feel like I was ready for the big stage.  All four of us were feeling confident enough about our performances that we decided we needed a band name... THE KNOPPICKELLS!  We only stopped rocking out long enough to make a toast as we watched the ball drop at midnight our time to welcome in 2012, and then we went right back to our music.  I think it was somewhere around 3am before we finally all decided that it was time to go to bed since our children would all be up bright and early in just a few more hours!

I can't tell you how happy I am that we have become such good friends with this family.  Thank goodness that Reagan decided that Matthew is the one for her just over a year ago!  Since then, the kids have grown closer, and the parents have developed a fabulous friendship as well.  In an effort to keep us living here in BC, Matthew's parents have already agreed that yes, Matthew and Reagan will most definitely be getting married one day.  To sweeten the pot, they have also agreed to betroth their Anna to marry Myers as well.  Our families will be forever intertwined!  And, Myers and Anna will have plenty of time to get to know one another better this coming year, as Anna will be coming to our house for day care 3 days a week starting in the Fall.

We came home today in time for Myers to have his morning nap, and then we decided to venture out for some family fun.  Two years ago on New Year's Day, we took Reagan to see her first ever movie at the theatre, "The Chipmunks Squeakquel".

It seemed only fitting today that we go as a family for Myers to see his first ever movie at the theatre, "The Chipmunks Chipwrecked"!

To only be 13 months old, Myers did a pretty good job at the movie.  Reagan, of course as a seasoned pro, loved every minute of it and is already asking what movie we can go see next!

I have to say, when you consider all of the fun things that we have already packed into the first few hours of the year 2012, we are most certainly off to a great start!  I think it's going to be a great year!

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