Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gymnastics GOLD!

This weekend marks the beginning of the competition season for gymnastics, which means that this is the weekend that Reagan has been waiting on for the past few months!

I checked her out of school an hour early yesterday so that we would have time to get her dressed and ready before leaving for Coquitlam.  Reagan's cousin Riley and his girlfriend Lindsay had recently moved down to the Coast from Vernon, and they were excited to be here to go with us to the Friday evening competition to cheer for Reagan.  I have to admit, I think Reagan tried even harder because she was showing off for her special guests!

All of the gym girls were anxious to get started once we arrived, but I was able to convince them to pose for a few pictures before it was time for them to make their team entrance.
Thank you Christy for this awesome picture of the girls!
During the Friday night portion of the weekend competition, the girls were being judged on their "Physical Abilities".  A few examples of the things that Physical Abilities include are rope climb, leg lifts, chin ups, bar hangs, bar swings, bar casts, long jump, sprinting, splits, etc.

We wrapped up the first evening of competition with... a SILVER medal! Reagan had received bronze at her first competition of the season last year, so we were all very excited over her improvement!

We were up bright and early this morning for Day 2 of competition, "Skills" testing.  The Skills portion of her competition resembles a more traditional gymnastics competition in that each of the girls are judged on a combination of skills performed on each of the gymnastic apparatuses.... Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.

At this same competition last year, Reagan received bronze on bars and silver on the remaining three events.  But, this year was a different story...  REAGAN RECEIVED HER FIRST GOLD!   Gold on Bars, Silver on Vault, Floor, and Beam, and Silver All-Around!  

Reagan was so excited and so very proud of herself for receiving her first ever gold.  I have to admit... I was pretty excited and proud of her myself!


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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Congratulations to Reagan! That is wonderful!