Monday, April 16, 2012

Bling! Bling!

Last year, for Reagan's birthday, she asked to get her ears pierced.  After much discussion with her on that subject, we agreed to let her have it done. However, when the day arrived, she decided that she didn't want to go through with it.

The subject was not mentioned again until just recently, and lately she has been talking about doing it more and more.  Ryan and I both told her that if she was ready, we would let her try again this year for her birthday.

Her birthday is coming up in just over a week, and her BIG birthday party is this coming weekend.  She woke up this past Saturday morning and announced to us that she wanted to get her ears pierced "RIGHT NOW!"  Seriously, the first words out of her mouth were asking us to take her to get her ears pierced.

We knew that we couldn't do it first thing in the morning as she had the final practice/mock exam for her RAD Ballet testing that morning.  (The real exam is in 3 weeks.)  But it worked well for us to go get her ears done after her ballet practice as her hair was all slicked back out of her face and in a bun... meaning her ears were perfectly exposed!

I phoned ahead to Merle Norman in the mall to make sure that two hygienists would be available so that we could get both ears done at once.   I was not taking the chance of her getting one done and then deciding that she wouldn't finish it off with the second!

We arrived at the mall, and Ryan and I could both tell that Reagan was anxious.  I quietly told her that the decision was completely up to her... Mommy and Daddy would be happy no matter what she did to her ears.  She turned on her heel, started walking with extreme purpose away from me, looked over her shoulder and said, "I am on a mission!"


We walked into the salon, and within 5 minutes Reagan had chosen her earrings.  The girls got the instruments ready, and then asked Reagan to climb up onto the chair.  In less than a minute, it was done!  Reagan was so very brave, and so very proud of herself.  She never made a peep, much less shed a tear.

Here's a shot of her lovely lobes before...

And after!  Check out the new bling!

She was, and still is, so very excited!

Yesterday morning, on our way out the door to go to church, she asked me to take more pictures of her sparkling new earrings.  How could I resist?!

Check out the video below to see for yourself just how brave our big girl was. You will notice that I got choked up, but not Reagan!  My baby girl is now all grown up, it seems!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

She is too cute!

Heather said...

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Brandi said...

Adorable!!! She is a doll! I can NOT wait for my daughter to ask for pierced ears. :)