Monday, April 30, 2012

SIX Years Old!

Reagan's sixth birthday party was on Saturday morning, April 21st, and she was up before the birds because she was so excited!

Little did she know, her birthday party was not going to be the only excitement that she was in store for... her cousin Riley and his girlfriend Lindsay surprised her as soon as she came downstairs that morning with her very own REAL guitar!!! Now she can really work on becoming the next Taylor Swift!

The only way we were able to pry the guitar from her hands was by reminding her that she had a party to get to!

We arrived at the Alder Alley Lanes in time to get set up before FOURTY FOUR of her classmates, friends, and family came to join us.  Yes, you read correctly... including Reagan, there were 45 children in attendance at the birthday party! As chaotic as that may sound, the party was actually a great success! Everyone had tons of fun, and the kids loved glow-in-the-dark bowling.

Reagan's party was on her boyfriend Matthew's actual birthday, so we made sure that he was treated as the #1 guest of honour that morning.  Before bringing out Reagan's birthday cake, the entire group serenaded Matthew with his own birthday song and a special Spiderman cupcake.

Next, it was Reagan's turn.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to our birthday girl, and then cheered her on as she blew out the SIX candles on her cake.  Of course, it was a Barbie cake!  And no, I did not make it myself.  Don't you remember the disaster I made of some simple cupcakes for Valentine's Day? No way was I going to attempt to bake a cake!

The kids enjoyed pizza, cake, and other goodies before returning back to bowling before it was time to go home.  Once we were home, it was time for Reagan to start opening her presents.  Oh my goodness, was our little girl ever spoiled this year!  We split up the presents and let her open them over the course of the weekend... a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped to make our princess feel like a queen!

Tuesday, April 24th, was Reagan's actual birthday, and we started off the day with what has become a tradition in our house... marking the growth wall. Each birthday, half birthday, and first day of school has been recorded on this wall for Reagan, and we have started the tradition for Myers as well.  Reagan's markings are in pink, and all of Myers's are in blue!

After school and then ballet practice, we took Reagan out to eat for dinner at her favourite local restaurant, Mr. Mike's.  Her favourite thing about Mr. Mike's is the ice cream dessert bar that is for kids only... no parents allowed!  

Once we arrived at home that evening, Reagan discovered once last birthday surprise... a new big girl bike from Mommy & Daddy!  Let the learning to ride without training wheels begin!

Yesterday, two of Reagan's friends from gymnastics came over for a tea party since they were not able to join us at the birthday party last weekend.  The girls had fruit cocktails in martini glasses, finger sandwiches, little cupcakes, and real tea from Reagan's porcelain tea set.  (Thank you again to Pops & Momsey for the Pottery Barn birthday present from last year!)  Of course they were all dressed in their fancy dresses... I mean, what's a tea party without a fancy dress?  Reagan agonized all morning over which dress she was going to wear!

If the picture above isn't proof enough, let me just tell you what an incredibly beautiful young lady our sweet Reagan is becoming.  She's growing up faster than I had ever imagined, and Ryan and I become more proud of her with each passing year.  She's an amazing big sister, a caring daughter, a bright student, a superstar gymnast, and a true beauty both inside and out.  From the day she was born, and for the rest of her life, she will always be our little princess!

So as the month of April comes to an end, so do all of the birthday celebrations.  Well, at least the birthday celebrations for Reagan.  After all, next month is MY birthday!

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