Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Christy Fraser Memorial Gymnastics Competition

Reagan's gymnastics centre hosted a memorial competition last weekend... The Christy Fraser Memorial.  Christy Fraser was an avid gymnast until her tragic death in August of 1992 at the young age of twelve years old. Upon her passing, a memorial fund was set up in her name, and each year the Langley Gymnastics Foundation hosts this memorial competition to continue to raise money and awareness for the Children's Hospital in Vancouver.  

The girls from Langley Gymnastics were proud to host this event, and they were very excited to have the "home ice" advantage.  And yes, there was ice...  The event was held in the main arena of the Langley Events Centre, with all of the equipment placed over the floor of the hockey rink!  This was by far the largest scale event that Reagan had ever competed in, and the girls were a bit in awe of their surroundings as they were competing.

As always, Reagan rocked it!  She told us on the way to the gym that morning that she was going for gold... and she did it!  GOLD on Vault, along with Silver on Bars, Beam, Floor and All-Around!

Throughout the competition, Ryan kept an eye on Myers up in the seating area of the arena while I snapped pictures from the "security-zone" down on the floor.  Ryan had worked a shift doing security at the competition the previous day, so he was able to get me the hook-up to be allowed to take pictures up close to all the action.  Thanks, honey!  Myers was watching his sister, but he was also making sure to still do his own favourite activity... EATING! I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of him multi-tasking, and then I couldn't resist taking a picture of him making faces up against the hockey glass a little while later!

Reagan was excited to receive more ribbons to add to her rapidly growing collection, but she and all of the other girls were just as excited over their new tote bags... these gyms girls are starting to collect some serious swag from all of their competitions!

We were thrilled that Reagan did as well as she did, but we were even more excited to see how much fun she and the rest of the girls on her team were having.  These girls truly do LOVE gymnastics!


Lady Mama said...

That is fantastic! And even better that she enjoys it so much.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

She's amazing! Congratulations, Reagan!