Monday, April 7, 2008

Snuggling with Pops

I was sneaky enough to take this picture before Reagan tried to strike a pose! This was taken the day before Reagan & I left to go back home, and I think Pops was trying to get in as much snuggling as he could so that it would last him until the next time we see each other. Reagan was content to lay back and relax with him for close to an hour that day... that is unusual for this little girl who never stops to sit still. Thankfully, Pops nor Momsey will have to wait for very long to get more snuggle time with Reagan. Ryan, Reagan and I are excited to join them in Phoenix, Arizona this June to go to the Grand Canyon and to then motor home with them across the western US to Bodega Bay, California. I know that it will be a fun-filled two weeks of travel!

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