Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Up the Tree

As I have mentioned numerous times on this blog, Reagan loves to climb. So trees are like an awesome jungle gym for her! When we were in SC last October, she climbed this particular tree (with help) for the first time. She still needed a little help this time, but she was much more independent once she got up there. Of course, she couldn't resist asking her buddy Pops to come up and join her while she played in the tree. And whatever she asks of Pops and Momsey, Reagan gets! So up the tree he went. It was funny actually that the very next night we had gone out to eat at Shuler's BBQ (one of my favorite places to go when I am back home in SC) and someone came up to Pops and laughed about seeing him up in the tree the day before as they were riding past the house. He said that seeing Reagan made it all make sense... I am assuming that meant that he didn't see her in the tree with Pops the day before and he had just thought that Pops was losing his mind and climbing the trees all on his own!

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