Monday, April 20, 2009

Clearly I've Lost My Mind UPDATED

***UPDATE*** My husband will live to see another day! He came downstairs after his shower and announced that his bathroom and shower had never been so clean! I thanked him for not making me kill him!

original post...

About a month ago, I told my husband that I was going to stop using the lady that helps to clean our house every other week. I would only have her come for an hour each time, and I would only get her to clean the 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. When I told Ryan that I was going to let her go, his reply was, "No! Don't do that. We hardly have to pay her anything to do it and I like knowing that I have a clean and sanitized bathroom." I fired her anyway. Clearly I lost my mind. What woman would do such a stupid thing as that when her husband has told her that she doesn't have to. I would be that woman.

I was determined that not only could I do the same job that the cleaning lady did, but that I could do it EVEN BETTER than she did it. So today, in the process of cleaning and getting ready for the arrival of Pops and Momsey tomorrow, I decided to tackle Ryan's bathroom as well. Guess what? I actually enjoyed doing it. (The answer to the question that you just asked yourself is "Yes, Tiffany is completely crazy.") I even squeegied his mirror to guarantee a streak-free shine! I found great satisfaction in seeing that I was able to get rid of all the gunk and grime that the cleaning lady never seemed to be able to do. There always seemed to be a few spots that she would miss. So, I now know that I will not be asking her to come back.

I'm now off to wash all the windows and clean the window frames. Then I need to dust all the baseboards and ceiling fans. I think I may be just a little bit high from all of the bleach fumes!

And by the way, if your regularly scheduled programming on TV tonight is interrupted by a breaking news bulletin about a lady in Canada who killed her husband because he failed to notice or comment on his sparkling clean and sanitized bathroom, you will know that it was me. Please encourage whatever lawyer that I am assigned to go with a case of insanity because as I said before, clearly I have lost my mind!


Ace said...


I need a cleaning lady. Real bad.

Loukia said...

Hello! First time visiting your blog, and I love it! It's great. And I'm glad you enjoyed cleaing today, but I think your feelings might change in a week or two - good luck finding a new housekeeper! Finding one that is the right fit can sometimes be hard! I'm a mom of two from Canada, as well - Ottawa! And my oldest son has spent more then enough time in the children's hospital here, for 2 UTI's as a small baby and several months ago, for phenumonia and even needed surgery. Traumatizing, to say the least.

Momisodes said...

While you're high....wanna come over?

I'm the cleaning lady here, and I totally suck. I just know you'd do a better job ;)

McMommy said...

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You didn't REALLY fire her, did you?

I weep for you.
Because I was you.. exactly a year ago.

And now....ohhhhhh. I don't even want to tell you what we just found under our couch. Come back Cleaning Lady...come back!!!!! Save me!!!

Andrea and Jeff said...

you really are crazy for firing her, especially if she was cheap! do you think she would travel to phoenix?

SouthernAccent said...

Ha ha - cute! I too, just let my cleaning lady go. I thought that I wasn't "in touch" with my house and that spots were being missed. I actually am enjoying seeing the results of my work and knowing that all the spots are getting attention like they should. Of course, that doesn't mean I enjoy scrubbing the toilets.

Kameron said...

Can you send her over to my house? I really wish someone would sanitize my bathroom for me! With 2 boys (including the hubby) the area around my toilet is a disaster area 10 minutes after I clean it!!!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Come on over when you are done with your house. I'll hire
and, hey! How did you know I was asking if you were crazy!?!

Kathy B! said...

You have lost your mind! But since you are still physically fit can you please stop by my house?! We have some bathrooms and windows and baseboards that would love your attention :)

Mammatalk said...

Yes, you surely must have gone mad.
Too cute!

E @ Scottsville said...

Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany -

Please hop on the next train to Texas and come clean my house for me.

Yours truly,

Erica, Erica, Erica