Thursday, November 24, 2011

My One Year Old Kindergartener

Myers is an official member of Reagan's Kindergarten class!

Well, he was.

At least, if you were to ask him (and if he were to be able to verbally answer you) that is what he would have you to believe.

I have been volunteering as the Mommy Helper in Reagan's class once a week for the past several weeks, and this day of the week has most definitely become Myers's favourite day!  He has loved going to school with his big sissy, and he has loved being able to interact with all of her friends.  Unfortunately, all of his interacting has caused a bit of a disturbance more than once in class, so today was probably the last time that I will be able to take him with me.  

While I fully understand that it is more important for the REAL kindergarten kids to get an education, I have to admit that I am disappointed that I won't be able to help out in class anymore.  That is, unless I can arrange for alternate child care for Myers on whatever particular day I want to be in the classroom. And I do have a couple of options before the end of the school year for that to be able to happen, so my fun is not completely over!

The first few times that I helped out in class, Myers sat quietly in his stroller at the back of the classroom and rarely made a peep.  But as he has gotten older, he has become more vocal.  And more mobile.  And he is now very comfortable in the kindergarten classroom, so he doesn't want to be confined to his stroller.  

He wants to PLAY!

Today, he was simply too cute for words.  As Mrs. Dreyer was asking the kids to say silently in their minds the sound that the letter A makes, Myers suddenly blurts out in a very loud voice, "ah, ah, ah!"  Now of course, he was not responding directly to Mrs. Dreyer's question.  But he did give the correct answer!  It just happened to be a rare coincidence that one of the few clear sounds he can make happened to be the answer to her question, and that he was "chatting" with his sounds at just the right time as well. We all had a good laugh!

As I've mentioned before, even though is not walking yet, Myers can pull himself up on just about anything and he can stand on his own.  So, at snack time today, Myers promptly crawled over to one of the tables, pulled himself up to standing beside the table, and began to pick snacks out of the kids lunch boxes.  

Later in the day, as the kids all went to the front of the classroom for carpet time, Myers decided that he would join right in.  He crawled up to the front of the class, plopped himself between two of the older boys, and sat criss-cross-applesauce just like everyone else.  It was cute, and all the kids thought so.  But this, of course, caused less attention to be focused on the task at hand than should have been.  But it was not as much of a distraction as when he started trying to dance around during music class!

So as you can tell, Mr. Myers is just too full of mischief to be able to roam free in the classroom anymore, and he is too full of mischief to happily sit in his stroller.  

I guess he'll just have to wait until he is five years old like all the other kids to become a true kindergartener!

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