Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What the Hell? Reagan Has A HOLE IN HER HEAD!

Reagan came home from gymnastics last night, complaining of a headache. 

It was not all that unusual, as this used to always be the first thing that she would say when she walked in the door.  It took a few weeks for me to figure it out, but her headaches were actually coming from having her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail all day at school, and then all afternoon at gymnastics.  Hello, even I would get a headache if my hair was pulled back for 11 hours!  The headaches disappeared once I started letting her wear her hair down to school on gymnastics days to alleviate the tension!

So when she walked in the door last night after Ryan had picked her up from gymnastics, I was a little surprised to hear her complaint.  She pushed her dinner around her plate more than she actually ate it, and we finally gave up the battle of trying to get her to eat and told her she could go get ready for bed.  I went upstairs with her, and was helping her to take her ponytail down once she had her pyjamas on.  It was at this moment that my heart jumped into my throat.

In as calm of a voice as possible, I said, "Reagan, we haven't done a lice check in awhile.  Mommy's going to look at your hair for a few minutes, okay?" This was fine by her, as she loves for me to play with her hair.  (There was an incident of lice with a child in her Kindergarten class earlier in the school year, so Reagan is used to paranoid Mommy making sure that the little critters haven't jump onto her head next.  Hence, the ponytail at school everyday...) While she was lying on her bed, I called down to Ryan for him to please come upstairs and to bring my cell phone (camera) with him.

Again, trying to remain calm so that Reagan didn't start to freak out, I parted her hair to take a closer look at what I had already discovered.  This was what was causing me to nearly faint and debate on if I needed to make a trip to the hospital.

Ryan took a look and mouthed, "What the hell is that?" to me.  I just shook my head in confusion and began to ask a million questions of Reagan...
Did you fall at gymnastics?
Did you hit your head?
Does your head hurt?
Did your coach look at your head at any point tonight?
All Reagan could say was that she was running and that she bonked heads with another little girl on the team.  I knew that I needed to be able to see exactly what I was dealing with, as the dried blood surely was making it look worse than it really was.  At least that was what I was hoping for!

I convinced Reagan that even though she was tired and that it was now already past her bedtime, we needed to have a spa night downstairs!  I fixed a pile of comfy towels on our counter top, and had her lay her head back into the sink as if she were at the salon.  All the while, I was talking in a froo-froo fancy voice, making her think that were having so much fun at this elegant salon.  But on the inside, I was seething mad!  How could something like this have happened and no one at the gym realized it or told Ryan about it when he picked her up?

Once I had washed her hair and removed all of the caked-on blood, we discovered that it was actually only a small puncture mark instead of a large gash in her head.

But still, how in the world did this happen?  I asked Reagan the same series of questions, but I still had no answer that provided an explanation as to the hole in her head.  We let her go to sleep, and I began to phone a few of the other Mommy's on the team to see if anyone had any clues.

No luck.

This morning, I called the gymnastics centre the moment that the office opened.  I explained what we had discovered last night, and asked if they could please give me the phone number of the Mom of the little girl that Reagan bonked heads with.  For privacy reasons, they wouldn't give the number to me directly.  But they phoned that Mom, and gave her my number at my request, and within half an hour she was phoning me.

The conversation went something like this.
Me:  Sorry to worry you, but did Isabella come home from gymnastics last night complaining of a headache?  I think she and Reagan bonked heads at some point. 
Other Mom:  She didn't have a headache, but she kept saying that her mouth hurt and that her tooth was loose.   
Me (as the light bulb comes on in my head):  Ummm, I think Isabella's tooth may have gone into Reagan's head last night when they collided. Reagan came home with a hole in her head that is exactly the size of a five year old's tooth.  And she was bleeding pretty good from it.  It doesn't surprise me at all that Isabella's tooth is now loose!
Well, at least I now had an answer.  

I am still pretty upset that no one at the gym realized that it had happened.  I plan to talk to Reagan's coaches about it and to show them the pictures I took last night when we are at the gym again on Thursday.  Both Reagan and Isabella are fine now, but I feel like the coaches need to know that it happened, and that they missed it.

I'm just VERY glad that it turned out to be only a minor accident!


Teri M said...

Wow, you sure handled that calmly - I am so glad that it wasn't more serious than that (and also that you figured out what had happened).

WhisperingWriter said...

Ouch! I'm glad she's okay. Natalie had a hole in her head not too long ago. She ran into a corner :/