Friday, November 18, 2011

Super Hero Day at School

Today was Super Hero Day at Reagan's school, and she was very excited to wear a costume for another occasion besides Halloween.  She wore the same costume as she wore to school for Halloween this year, but with a few modifications.  We transformed her outfit from Rockstar Barbie to Super Hero Reagan without much trouble at all.

Here she comes to save the day... mighty Reagan is on her way!
This was a last second pic that I snapped with my phone before we left for school.
Reagan was excited to see all of her friends at school, and it was fun to see all of the Super Hero ideas that everyone came up with.  From Red Riding Hood to Spider Girl, and from Batman to Iron Man, these kids were ready to become the newest members of the Justice League!

It took a bit of coordination, but I was able to get all of the Super Heroes to LEAP into action to save the world from doom and destruction, all at the exact same time!  

There was no doubt about it, we were all going to be very grandly protected from any bad guys today!

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Teri M said...

Adorable - what a great idea!!