Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Worst Day

Yesterday was the worst day.

I can now tell you that I know what it must feel like for a drug addict to begin rehab.  I am currently in the process of going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

You all know that we just had the most amazing Christmas ever with my family. I mean, Christmas just in and of itself is my favourite holiday of the year.  And experiencing Christmas with two young children in the house discovering the magic for themselves makes it even better.  But this year was like the butter cream frosting on a red velvet cake because not only was it an awesome Christmas with our kids, but I got to see all of my family enjoying Christmas with our kids as well.  All of us, together... it was priceless.

It was the highest of highs.

And then the very next day, we made the drive back to the airport in Vancouver for my mom, my dad, and my sister to all return home to South Carolina.  Reagan and I were both crying before we even left our house.  The entire drive to Vancouver, Reagan continued to whine off and on, and she would make up excuses that we needed to turn around and go back home like, "Oh no!  Pops left his computer at our house.   We need to go back."  Or, "Momsey, I think you left your toothbrush upstairs, we need to go back."  Or "Auntie Anna, you left your necklace in my room.  We need to go back."  All she wanted was for ALL of us to just go back home!

It only got worse once we were at the airport.  Reagan started crying pretty much as soon as we got out of the car.  She settled down once we were inside the airport, but when it quickly became time to say our goodbyes, her waterworks returned in full force.  So did mine.

As we were walking back through the airport, (just Ryan, Myers, Reagan and I by this point) Reagan began crying very loudly, kicking and practically screaming that she wanted Momsey.  For almost half an hour she just sobbed, "I want my Momsey.  I need my Pops.  I miss Auntie Anna."  She continued to be a mess the entire drive back home.

Once we got home, we were all pretty pathetic.  Even Ryan said the house felt too quiet and too empty.  We spent most of the afternoon fighting back the sniffles.  It really was a depressing sight.

It was the lowest of lows.  

Today is a little better than yesterday, but not by much.  I think it is only because we have an appointment with the immigration lawyer in just two more days to find out more about what we need to do so that we no longer have to experience these awful goodbyes...

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