Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Excalibur

We had dinner at The Excalibur so that we could enjoy the joisting match. This was the same dinner show that my parents took me to 15 years ago. If you have never been, it is quite an experience. Dinner consists of soup, a small chicken, roasted potatoes, and vegetables... but no silverware. That's right, you eat with your hands just as you would have done had you been living in medieval times. The show is based on King Something's court and all his knights that fight to defend the honor of his castle against the bad guy. Each section of the crowd is given a knight to cheer for... we were cheering for the green knight. Reagan really got into it... she was yelling "Kazaa!" on cue, banging on the table, and toasting her sippy cup. The only problem, she is still continuing to do this at times! Her favorite part of the show was the horses. She loved them and is still talking about them a month later.

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