Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Night Night Reagan

Reagan was a trooper all day long, but she finally gave up the fight and fell asleep. Once she was out for the night, (in her stroller no less) we decided it was time to donate some money to the economy of Las Vegas. I really wanted to play Texas Hold 'Em, and I wanted to play at the Bellagio. As luck would have it, the World Series of Poker was taking place at the Bellagio at that time, and my pockets weren't quite deep enough to be able to afford the $10,000 buy-in. So I just watched. A little while later, as we were walking through the casino, I see Sammy Farha. (If you don't know much about poker, just skip to the next posting! He has won the bracelet three times I think... famous player) I couldn't resist... I had to have his autograph. The only paper product that I had on me was a diaper, and that would just not do. So Ryan pulled one of Reagan's pictures out of his wallet for me to get signed and watched as I went to meet Mr. Farha. Sammy was extremely nice and even wanted to meet the beautiful young lady in the picture. Reagan was asleep, but he still oohed and aahed over her. He is now officially my favorite poker player. Once that excitement was over, we all took turns throwing money into the slot machines. That lasted about 10 minutes and then we were tired of losing money! We all needed to go to sleep like Reagan anyway... we were hitting the road for California the next day.

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