Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roche Lake

Now you may think that we are crazy for the way we planned it (I must say that I would agree with you!) but less than 36 hours after we returned home from The West Coast Motor Home Adventure, we left to go on a weekend trip to Roche Lake Resort with Ryan's brother Kyle and his wife and son, Denise & Brady. We joined Ryan & Kyle's cousins once we got there, and it was a family weekend of fishing for the guys. Ryan and I had a good laugh... we thought we were going camping. To us this means pitching a tent, using the woods for an outhouse, and cooking by the fire or on the Coleman stove. Ah, no... this is not what we did. We went lodging! We stayed in cabin by the lake with all the modern conveniences. Well almost all of them... no cell phone service and no television. Not to worry because I had brought along our portable DVD player. It was a nice relaxing weekend, and the views of the lake were really amazing. Ryan caught a couple fish, so that made the weekend a huge success in his eyes! The kids tried all weekend to catch one of the thousands of gophers that were running around, but thankfully never met with success. We've decided this will become a yearly event at different locations for all who were involved. Who knows... maybe one day we'll convince them all to actually go CAMPING!

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