Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Secret Garden

Siegfried & Roy now have a Secret Garden in Vegas, and for a price (like most anything in Vegas) they will let you in on their secret! It is the home to a lovely dolphin habitat, and to many other wild animals (lions, tigers, and bears oh my!) Reagan loved seeing the dolphins swim, splash and jump in the water. I think she was studying them so closely so she could imitate them in the pool later. But she really loved it when one of the dolphins decided to play ball with her. She literally played catch with this dolphin for a good five minutes. He would toss the ball out of the water... she would catch it and throw it back. It was the kind of thing that you feel so lucky to be able to see take place because you know that not many two year olds (or people of any age for that matter) can say that they have played ball with a dolphin! Once we moved from the dolphins, we went into the jungle to see the lions, tigers, llamas, jaguars, etc. It was crazy! And hot! Reagan's only relief was when we would hold her stroller up under the water misters. She was quite impressed with the baby tigers, and she even tried to convince her that we needed to take one home. "I need one" she said. Uh, no! As cute as it may look, Dixie would be dinner to that thing. She finally settled on a baby tiger stuffed animal instead.

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